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Over 6 hours long, Miss World Philippines 2021 coronation night tests fans’ patience

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Over 6 hours long, Miss World Philippines 2021 coronation night tests fans’ patience
The event itself had also been postponed five times

Even after five postponements, this year’s Miss World Philippines pageant still hasn’t run out of ways to keep Filipinos waiting.

After over six hours, Tracy Maureen Perez was finally crowned Miss World Philippines 2021 during their coronation night, which began on Sunday evening, October 3, and ended up running until the early hours of Monday, October 4.

The coronation night, which could be streamed via KTX.ph, started past 7 pm on Sunday, and it took over two hours for the Top 24 candidates to be announced. With the program making very slow progress, fans watching live started cracking jokes about how long the event was taking.


Some Filipinos joked about the commercials taking up more screen time than the actual pageant.

Maybe Lav Diaz, a filmmaker known for 10-hour opuses, directed the coronation night, one netizen quipped.

BPO experience is a plus for aspiring beauty queens, it seems.


Could this be the longest-running coronation night in Philippine history?

Did you start placing your bets on how long the coronation night was going to take?

Or did you make your own list of things that’d happen before the new Miss World Philippines got crowned?

The long coronation night must have also taken a toll on the contestants, with Perez falling twice during the program, including in her first walk as Miss World Philippines. Fans hoped that the pageant’s organizers would be more considerate of the candidates’ time and well-being for future events.

Apart from the six-hour program, netizens complained about the event’s panel of judges, which included Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and Senator Bong Revilla.

Roque, who repeatedly defended President Rodrigo Duterte’s misogynistic remarks in the past, asked an “outdated” question during the pageant’s Q&A segment. He asked if it was okay for a woman to run for president if this meant sacrificing time with her kids, which quickly drew flak online.

As for Revilla, he was accused of plunder in relation to the pork barrel scam, but was cleared of all related criminal cases earlier this year. During the pageant, candidate Michelle Arceo was asked if she would rather live in a world without the pandemic or without corruption.

Netizens celebrated Arceo’s courage to slam rampant corruption in the country in front of government officials involved in related scandals.

Despite these lapses, fans still celebrated Perez’s back-to-back win for Cebu following the crowning of fellow Cebuana Beatrice Luigi Gomez as Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

Congratulations to our new queens, and we hope you get your well-deserved rest! – Rappler.com