Miss Earth 2015 predictions: The possibilities in Vienna

Note: The piece below was first posted in Norman Tinio's blog. It is republished here with his permission.

MANILA, Philippines – History is in the making as the homegrown international beauty pageant beams its 2015 edition from one of the most scenic and breathtaking countries in Europe – Austria. 

And at the Marx Halle in Vienna, one beautiful candidate will soon be elected to become Miss Earth 2015. From among the 86 outstanding representatives from around the globe, I filtered the list to come up with my own picks. I didn’t follow the traditional format of Top 16 on a quick whim. Instead, I selected the 15 who just might have it in them to be the successor of reigning titleholder Jamie Herrell of the Philippines.

My Fifteen (15) choices are:

If you will notice, there is a predominance of Europeans and Asians in the list because the way I see it, an entry from one of two continents will come out as winner. There really is no weird science behind making that statement. I just feel that – among this year’s candidates – they are the ones who particularly stood out. And they have also been performing well in majority of the sub-competitions.

 Photos courtesy of Miss Earth website

Misses Kosovo (Kaltrina Neziri), Switzerland (Corinne Schädler) and host delegate Austria (Sophie Totzauer)are my highest-ranking choices from Europe, with Misses Sri Lanka (Visna Fernando), Thailand (Chavika Watrsang), and the Philippines (Angelia Ong) as their counterparts in Asia. I could be wrong and a different girl will spoil the outcome for any of the 6 mentioned reps. But methinks both Austria and the Philippines will enter the Elemental Court.

Sophie and Angelia could split Water and Fire between the two of them. As for the more important Earth and Air placements, I would love to see a battle among Kosovo, Switzerland, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

So for my final choice for Miss Earth 2015? Hmmm… I think I will go for either Kaltrina Neziri or Chavika Watrsang. I love Visna Fernando as well. And if any one of them would come out #1, then consider me a happy blogger.

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