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How Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey plans to help the US on climate change

How Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey plans to help the US on climate change

EDUCATION. Newly crowned Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey believes education can help in bridging a divided country like the US.

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The beauty queen says she will use the platform to keep raising awareness on her causes

Newly crowned Miss Earth 2020 Lindsey Coffey believes that with her new platform, she can bring people together and to bring more attention to environmental issues.

At a press conference on Sunday, November 29, Lindsey, the first winner of the title from the United States, was asked how she could help the superpower, which has been divided on issues such as climate change.

The 28-year-old beauty queen, who is also a Climate Reality leader, said education can help.

“Being able to educate myself is one thing, being able to educate another is completely different. So when I’m able to use my voice, use my platform to speak the truth and have the supporting evidence that is indisputable, that’s all we can do,” she said.

Lindsey reiterated her answer during the pageant Q and A about the importance of research. “Whenever you look up reputable resources and you present that evidence in front of you, you respect science. It’s hard to deny that.”

She also emphasized that people should keep on pushing for what they are fighting for.

“You just have to keep on pushing, keep speaking your truth and keep on having that passion because you cannot give up and that’s what’s most important, because that whenever change starts to occur whenever you’re resilient, then you do not give up.”

“So it doesn’t happen overnight. So each day I am going to keep on doing what I need to do in order to get this platform out there and raise this awareness, and I’m just going to keep on doing it and hope for the best.”

Biden administration’s plan on climate change

Lindsey was also asked about her thoughts on US president-elect Joe Biden’s plans to push for awareness on Climate Change.

“ I completely support that and honestly, I am so proud of my country this election year. We had a record number of voters… So I was very proud of my country for utilizing their voice and really respecting the duty of what it means to be an American and their civil rights,” the 28-year-old beauty queen said.

“Having Joe Biden really pushing for climate change, wanting to rejoin the Paris Agreement on his first day in office, I’m completely excited. And I have so much faith that we’re going to be able to turn this around as a country of influence. I’m hoping that we can enact change in other countries as well and to kind of influence them to just make brighter, better steps in order to have a brighter and better future.” – Alexa Villano/Rappler.com

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