Predictions: Who will win Miss World Philippines 2018?

Based on all the pre-pageant competitions, the candidates who have made the most impact are:

They have all placed in multiple fast track events and won special awards. Although the special awards don’t really factor into the scoring, what it says is that the candidate is memorable and makes an impact.

Their performances on the all important Finals Night will be key to their success.

Miss World Philippines

Photo courtesy of the Miss World Philippines Organization

#27 Katarina Rodriguez

Katarina was a heavy favorite coming into the competition and carried that momentum throughout. I have known her since her previous pageants and removing any bias, she is still a very deserving winner. As I’ve always said in previous pageant predictions, factoring in the potential business and publicity that a candidate brings is also important. That is what Katarina brings in spades and might be her edge over the other candidates. She has that star quality that can potentially win our country’s second Miss World crown.

Photo courtesy of the Miss World Philippines Organization

#16 Maureen Montagne

Maureen has a very charming and arresting persona on stage that can win the hearts of many. She is undeniably gorgeous, sexy, and has captivating eyes. She was first runner-up in Miss World America and was Miss Arizona USA which led others to question if she was Filipino enough to be our representative. Maureen has the heart of a Filipino and the tastebuds to match. She has slowly and lovingly absorbed  Filipino culture over the past year that she’s been here. Maureen has that quintessential icy princess look that Miss World favored in its early years. Maureen has the quiet sophistication and elegance that can also be an asset in the Miss World stage. If she is not Miss World Philippines, I feel she would do extremely well in Miss Eco International.

These two women are safe bets to win crowns during the finals.

When it comes to the 3 crowns wherein we are the reigning titleholder, I do not subscribe to the defeatist attitude of we won’t win back to back. Unless something has already happened, then it is always a possibility. I am still as optimistic for the women who will be crowned because it is their victory.

Reina Hispano Filipinas

Photo courtesy of the Miss World Philippines Organization

#33 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez

This crazy beautiful, talented, and charming Asian will make South America fall in love with her. She would be a great follow up to Winwyn Marquez. When you don’t speak the language, the best way to communicate is through other forms. Winwyn danced her way to the crown and Alyssa can sing her way as well.

Possible queens: Maureen Montagne, Arienne Calingo, Marianne Marquez

Miss Eco Philippines

Photo courtesy of the Miss World Philippines Organization

#16 Maureen Montagne

She has the beauty that cannot be ignored and translates into any continent, much like that of Cynthia Thomalla, Miss Eco International 2018. The Egyptians will be in awe, wondering if all Filipinas looked like Maureen and Cynthia. They represent the best of both cultures.

Possible queens: Kim de Guzman, Denielle Magno, Katrina Acaylar

Miss Multinational Philippines

This pageant identifies its strength in the question and answer. Think of it as like a very beautiful debate competition. Having said that, there are two women who can deliver.

Photo courtesy of the Miss World Philippines Organization

#11 Pearl Hung, who is a motivational speaker and has very inspiring story. Will her overall scores help her reach this level?

Photo courtesy of the Miss World Philippines Organization

#9 Arienne Calingo. This double Ivy league graduate would be the best delegate to send to this pageant. However, I am not sure if her scores are high enough to advance.

First Princess and Second Princess

Most likely possibilities are #23 Marianne Marquez, #34 Denielle Magno, #10 Paulina Labayo, #5 Kim de Guzman. Any of them can also end up as a titleholder depending on how the night plays out.

The very different natures of the international pageants make it quite difficult to place the winners. The top 4 highest scorers may not necessarily be suited for the international pageant. But that is all part of the beauty and allure of pageants and competition. –