Samantha Lo on Miss Grand International 2019 pageant: I'm going to bring that crown home

MANILA, Philippines — With all the issues and controversies surrounding the staging of the Miss Grand International in Venezuela on October 25, Binibining Pilipinas Grand International 2019 Samantha Lo can promise only one thing — she will do her best to bring home the crown.

At the send-off for her and Bb Pilipinas Globe 2019 Leren Bautista on Wednesday, October 2, Samantha talked about the pressure heading into the competition.

"At the end of the day, I realized that if I keep thinking about it negatively, if I look at my other competition, it will distract me. So at one point during my training, I realized how so proud of how I come and there's no body else who can do what I do because it comes from me. So I'm going to bring that crown home because I said so," she said.

The pageant has received a lot of negative comments from fans and Samantha is aware of it.

"I know this crown is controversial and I know that people are saying it only creates more 'war' if you will, but how about instead of finding something and not adding into the negativity, we just treat it with kindness and tell our girls who we continue to send to go in there graceously and make that change. You're not going to stop anything when you add to hate."

KINDNESS. Samantha Lo knows that the pageant she'll be going to has a lot of controversies, but would rather focus to represent the Philippines.

She also has this to say about the infamous video where the organization's president Nawat Itsaragrisil said that the Philippines will win this year's competition. The video became viral after last year's representative Eva Patalinjug failed to make it to the semifinals.

"I worked hard for everything that I have in life I don't expect anything and handed to me. So win or lose, I'm just going to give you the best show you've ever seen."

Firm decision to compete

Some countries have chosen not to send their representatives to the pageant due because of political unrest in Venezuela. While some people have been asking her not to go, Samantha chose to still represent the country.

"For those of you who know me, I am not very bubbly, I am not very perky, naturally. I think who inspires me the most is Emma [Tiglao]," Samanatha said.  "Emma is always constantly bright and happy, same with Sam [Bernardo]. I'm like 'oh my god,' if i can only get an ounce of their magic. So what really gets me going is that this pageant is for girls who are bubbly, very charming, very energetic. I'm more mellow and [during] training, I took it as a sign."

"I'm fortunate to have a trainer who has given me great personality development training. And now I've achieved that kind of bubbly spark and that enthusiasm and happiness, I consider this crown like this was for me because this is a new form of growth for me. Despite all the controversies, I don't look into any fo that. I can't be more thankful for any crown. This crown was for me."

POSITIVITY. Samantha Lo says she's fortunate to have people who have been supportive of her training and has been rallying her in times of difficulty.

Samantha also said she's excited to show everyone the result of 3 months of training, as well as the national costume she will wear, which she said has a Spanish touch and "historical."

She is also aware of the advantage and responsibilities carrying the Philippines sash. "As soon as we step in those doors, everyone will turn and go, 'that's Philippines. You're right. That's the Philippines,'" she said.

With the Bb Pilipinas organization and her family behind her, Samantha also reminded beauty queens aspirants to surround themselves with people that can trust.

"My message to beauty queens is constantly surround yourself with the good and the good people who are going to be there for you. Because those are the people that are going to catch you when you fall. And they're going to put you up right there right?"—