Top 20 predictions for Miss World 2013

WINNER FOR THE FILIPINOS. Megan Young deserves the crown. Photo from

WINNER FOR THE FILIPINOS. Megan Young deserves the crown. Photo from www.missworld.


MANILA, Philippines - With the Miss World 2013 beauty pageant just a day away, it’s about time I share my predictions as to whom I think might win and why. The winner will be crowned on the island of Bali in Indonesia on Saturday, Sept 28, 2013.

Here are my favorites for the crown:

Winner: Philippines

Alright. Okay. So, I’m biased. But I’m not the only one who thinks this Olongapo native can win the crown.

Megan Young, who is a famous actress in the Philippines, has been cited by Yahoo Singapore, Global Beauties and The International Business Times UK as possibly bringing home the first ever Miss World crown for the nation.  

Megan also entered the Top 11 of the Beach Fashion Challenge which means she’s on the Miss World radar of possible winners.

My next 6 favorites are:


Marine Lorphelin, a native of Burgundy, reminds me of actress Ashley Greene ["Twilight"] but has a more delicate look. Not only is Marine a sight to behold, she always speaks with a smile and has a dusky voice that only adds to her sexiness. She also happens to be a medical student with dreams of becoming a pediatrician one day. Marine is a consistent favorite among followers of Miss World.


I can totally see the regal and classy Navneet Dhillon in a Bollywood film! She is so gorgeous, I wouldn’t mind having her win the crown. Although she seems to be the most reserved "smiler" among my Top 7 favorites, this only adds to her mysterious allure. Navneet is a TV and Film Production student.


Can anyone say, “Cheerleader”? Olivia Jordan’s scintillating smile paired with a sweet lilting voice will make you think of pom-poms and miniskirts. But the sweetheart veneer of this Oklahoma lass belies her toughness: Olivia has done a half-marathon on the Iron Man trail. She’s also a Health Science graduate.


Jacqueline Steenbeek is not really a favorite among pageant fans but I just can’t get over the stunning smile and bouncy blonde curls of this darling from Drunen. She’s obviously a lot of fun if you view her official profile video on the Miss World channel on YouTube. I like it, too, that she’s a practicing midwife.


Could Elena Ibarbia be the first senorita to win the Miss World title for her country? They’ve never won it yet, but this Communications student might just communicate her way to the crown. Aside from being favored by pageant experts, Elena is on fire in Bali: she’s in the Top 11 of the Beach Fashion Challenge of Miss World and also entered the Top 20 of the Sports and Fitness Track.


“Someone better call heaven fast because they’re missing an angel!” Okay, that’s obviously a cheesy pick-up line but I can’t help it. Anna Zaiachkivska’s profile video at Miss World 2013 makes me think of halos and feathery wings. Plus points to her for flying into the Top 11 of the pageant’s Beach Fashion Challenge Event and for placing 2nd runner-up in the talent competition for having…well…um…the voice of an angel. Also note that this ethereal beauty is studying Icon Painting.

Rounding up my Top 10 are these 3 lovelies:


The highest this nation has ever placed is the semi-finals and only 5 times in the past 63 years of Miss World history. But with Kanyaphak Phokesomboon carrying the Thai sash, they might just break into the runners-up circle or maybe even win the crown. A wee maybe. What I like about Kanyaphak is she has that regal "Lord of the Rings" elf-like beauty.


Valeriya Tsurkan’s unearthly beauty will leave you open-mouthed just like the patients she works on as a dentistry student. I’m loving this girl for her peaches-n-cream skin and the number of views her Miss World profile video has: nearly 60,000 as I write this. She’s got the 3rd most number of views behind the Philippines [90,000+] and Vietnam [nearly 79,000]. Trailing right behind Valeriya is France [58,000+]. Those numbers could change so check out the Miss World Youtube channel. Go, Moldova!


Out of all the black beauties, Carranzar Shooter stands out. And you can take that literally since the Accra-born queen is 6’ 1.5”. You’d think a girl that tall would be awkward but not Carranzar; she’s like an African gazelle leaping across the tundra. I was impressed by her self-intro video where she had 6 or 7 costume changes and spoke warmly about her nation, her charity work and medical studies.

Other notable beauties [alphabetically arranged]:


Erin Holland is an accomplished opera singer and placed 1st runner-up after Indonesia in the talent competition of Miss World 2013. The blonde bombshell has a gift for charity fund-raising which should earn her extra points because of the pageant’s strong focus on the theme, “Beauty with a Purpose.”


Sancler Frantz looks like she has been training for the position of Miss World from the time she learned how to hold a spoon. She is one of the most polished contestants and carries herself like a spokeswoman for her nation. She is a favorite for the crown among several pageant websites.


Last year’s Miss World winner was China. Could we see a back-to-back win for the Asian giant? Highly unlikely, methinks. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the regal Wei-wei Yu breaks into the semi-finals like a Ming Dynasty vase.


Fresh-faced Daniella Ocoro hopes to bring home the first ever Miss World title for her country. While she does have that signature doll-like face, is she polished enough for the title?


The host nation’s candidate has already won an early Miss World special award — Miss Talent! Not a surprise since she’s the 2010 title holder of "Indonesia’s Got Talent."


Loving this fashion model for her chameleon-like beauty. Classic features that can look soft or angular depending on her mood. Magnifico!


Out of all the middle-eastern beauties, she's the hottest. Tawny-eyed Karen Ghraoui makes me think of Cher and Vivian Velez. Thermal!


This pretty sunflower is no shrinking violet. Ruta Mazureviciute is a Defense Forces volunteer for her nation. I like Ruta for her eternal smile and sunny disposition as seen on her Miss World profile video.


My lone favorite from the Carribbean is Julie Lebrasseur. I adore her for her delicate features and sassy vibe. This Veterinary assistant loves horses and, dig this: she wants to be a blacksmith!


The best performer in Miss World, Venezuela deserves to be in all lists because it consistently sends the sexiest and most gorgeous women to pageants all over the world. This year’s rep Karen Soto is already a proven winner: she is the Miss World Next Top Model  2011 titleholder. -

Rappler will LIVE blog the Miss World 2013 coronation night on Saturday, Sept 28, 7pm Philippine time.

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