Miss World Philippines

TRANSCRIPT: Miss World Philippines 2021 Q and A segment

TRANSCRIPT: Miss World Philippines 2021 Q and A segment

Q&A. Michelle Arceo of Quezon City is one of the top 15 who answered a specific question.

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The top 15 candidates of Miss World Philippines 2021 took the stage for the coronation night’s Q&A portion on early morning Monday, October 4 at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center Hall A.

Each candidate answered a different question from each of the judges.

Here’s what the girls had to say:

Gwen Fourniol, Himamaylan City

Miguel Zubiri: We all know how important being vaccinated is due to the pandemic…If you have relatives and friends who are still unvaccinated how will you convince them to be vaccinated?

I truly believe that we need to take actions and matters especially during this pandemic where we have rampant issues such as COVID and the best way to combat this is to come together and to use the best ways which have been created by us, which is being vaccinated. And I would encourage them to not just do it for their own safety but for the safety of others, because doing so, we would make this world a safer…

Ganiel Krishnan, Kawit, Cavite

Celeste Reyes: What makes health the greatest wealth of any man?

Well now more than ever I think we all realize how important it is and how the true health or the wealth…or the health is the greatest wealth of everyone. We don’t know what tomorrow brings us and so I suggest everybody to please take care of your health and of course take care of your family because they’re the only source…because I always believe that our family is our greatest possession in life and that is truly the wealth in life.

Kathleen Paton, Aklan

Genevieve Christine Montano: What is one thing that you need to overcome?

One thing that you need to overcome is fear with your confidence and the fear of being rejected. I myself have suffered a lack of confidence when I was younger. I wasted a lot of time being stuck at home because I was afraid of going out of my comfort zone and I would tell my younger self even that if I could go back in time to overcome this fear because you have no idea what’s out there, and what’s there for you…

Danica Dilla, Iriga City

Renato Lee: How would you describe beauty and its importance to a blind person?

I would describe beauty to a blind person by letting her or him imagine the love that he or she receievs from the surroundings. I think that if we let them feel loved, cared, and respected, then they would be able to see the beauty even if they are not given the chance to see the world.

Shaila Rebortera, Cebu

Harry Roque: The frontunner in all the surveys for the post of president is a woman. If she were to ask you, should she run for president even if her children are very young, what advice would you give her?

In the modern times right now, a woman is strong and brave in different ways. Other women are strong and brave because they sacrifice their career for their family and if our candidate would like to pursue becoming a president despite sacrificing time for their family in exchange of serving the Filipino people, then I would definitely support that.

Janelle Lewis, Angeles City

Mitos Magsaysay: With the pandemic right now, what’s more important: You having money or being safe and healthy?

To me, honestly, during the pandemic, I’ve learned that there’s nothing more important than being safe. Because, to me, nothing else matters than money when you have your family with you. Bringing your family into a very difficult situation can lead into a heartbreak. I feel like there’s nothing more that could hurt me more than losing a loved one. Thank you.

Michelle Arceo, Quezon City

Anna Vicente: Would you rather live in a world without the pandemic or without corruption?

I would pick a world without corruption, because we’re surrounded by it every day and everywhere we look. It can really suffer the lives… people every day suffer from it and it can affect everyday people. If we can eradicate that, we can solve so many problems, and we can get through a pandemic easily the next time we go about it. We, the people, need to be taken care of. Thank you.

Tatyana Austria, Paranaque City

Albert Kurniawan: In life, what should you follow: Your heart or your mind?

I believe that there’s a reason God made humans the way we are – with our minds over our hearts, anatomically in the body. So I think we should follow our mind to stay logical, to stick to our cores and values. The mind will ultimately influence the heart, and so that we can live our lives without having to step on other toes of other people, and just to be a true person of purpose, as well.

Tracy Maureen Perez, Cebu City

Elisse Joson: After we go through this pandemic, what would you want us to learn from it?

After this pandemic, I hope that we never take for granted the family we have, taking care of our health, and taking care of the people that protect us – our leaders, our front liners. We should always give importance to those people. We may not see the efforts that they give out, but most definitely they are our modern heroes, and for that we should always be grateful. We should always stick with them and pray for them.

Riana Pangindian, Pasig City

Joey Abacan: Because of the pandemic, I want to know if this changed your concept of being a modern Filipina?

Definitely, this pandemic has changed my perspective on how we should live as Filipinos. As a modern Filipina, I’ve learned to make ways to get through it, and that’s when I started my small business – just to help my family, because it is very difficult at this time. I think it’s very important that we take every circumstance as an opportunity to learn and make the most out of it. Thank you. 

Emmanuelle Vera, Taguig City

Bong Revilla: Is it true that all is fair in love and war? And why?

I believe that in love and in war alike that we should always prioritize empathy, and the well-being of other people. So all is not fair if we are stepping on other people’s toes or if we are acting in selfishness and vacant seat. The only way to approach any situation at the optimum levels and to its utmost is if we consider the needs of our fellowmen above our own. And we live to love and serve them and walk in compassion at all times.

Ann Palmares, Iloilo City

Teejay Maruez: Which would you choose – a man who plays it safe? Or someone who is spontaneous and wild?

I would say I choose a man who is spontaneous and wild. After all, life is short. And with this pandemic, we are able to know that we should not take anything for granted. And with this, we can talk to people who can make us experience that life is worth living even though it’s short.

Lea Macapagal, Dinalupihan, Bataan

Aldwin Alegre: If you were given the chance to file your certificate of candidacy this coming 2022 election, what position do you prefer and why?

As a woman, I believe that we could do even the seemingly impossible thing – especially, a leader. After this being a beauty queen, I can also see myself as a public servant. To all the woman out there, we should not be afraid of taking a risk, of going out of your comfort zone. And if you ask me that question, I would love to be the President of this country.

Trisha Martinez, Pila, Laguna

Mike Atayde: What advice/message can you give the new generation of voters?

In this time of crisis, my advice to people is that to keep on going on. We all have dreams and at this time, we might feel that our dreams are on hold. But they’re not gone. With grit and determination, those dreams will become a reality, just hold on.

Julie Tarrayo, Northern Samar

David Licauco: What is the biggest sacrifice you ever had to make and how did you handle it?

The biggest sacrifice that I ever had to make was to give up on my dream of being a flight attendant simply because with what happened with the pandemic. There had been retrenched, especially in the airline industry. But I didn’t let go. I just hold on. I started a business, which is now helping me and my family. Not just my family, the economy of the situation. Also the people, my employees, and their families. – Rappler.com