LOOK: Momoland is in Manila

MANILA, Philippines – K-pop girl group Momoland is now in Manila, arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport early Thursday, August 16.

Videos shared by fans on Twitter showed the girls going through the airport, flanked by security and followed by cheering fans.

Nancy at NAIA so lucky me #MOMOLAND pic.twitter.com/w7O2xl9Ltp — Kim TaeTae (@ThatTaeJack) August 16, 2018 Momoland in Manila! pic.twitter.com/YMfOzYPMAu — 멍멍 (@luhhhyaaa) August 16, 2018 #Momoland Just feel it Boom Boom! Bae Bae Baam Baam pic.twitter.com/lANTEZFrp1 — STAY HAPPY (@imrussell06) August 16, 2018


Momoland members Nancy and Jane also posted photos from their hotel room.

[ #제인 ] 잘 도착했어용 ㅎㅎ 운명의 텔레파시 나랑 같이 내서 룸메된 낸띠 바다보여 #MOMOLAND #모모랜드 #JANE pic.twitter.com/Z1MoJQrU9x — 모모랜드_MOMOLAND (@MMLD_Official) August 16, 2018


The group is known for the viral "Bboom Bboom" dance, as well as their latest hit, "Baam," whose music video features references to Filipino culture.

Momoland announced their Philippine visit in June. While in Manila, the group will be holding a Facebook Live event on Friday August 17.

They will also be performing in an "exclusive and private event" at Solaire. Rappler.com