Meet the 'Pinoy Big Brother: All In' Top 4: Who will win?

MANILA, Philippines – As the Pinoy Big Brother: All In season gears up for the finale this Sunday August 24, fans and viewers have been voting non-stop as to who deserves the top 4 spots.

The question is, who will emerge the final winner? But before that, here's a look at the big 4 housemates left in Kuya’s house.

Loisa Andalio was the most recently eliminated on Saturday August 23, just a day before the big finale. 

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1. Vickie Rushton. Described as the “Lady Mahinhin of Bacolod,” Vickie is a model who wants to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant. Having joined a beauty contest, Vickie is also known as the girlfriend of actor Jason Abalos.  


2. Jane Oineza. Already a teen star, 18-year-old Jane appears to be the most controversial housemate this season.

Her ‘no comment’ answer as to whether teen actress Kathryn Bernardo had enhancements on her body did not sit well with the fans of the actress. She was even put on the spot, when asked about her closeness with ex-housemate Joshua Garcia.

But despite the controversies, her supporters rallied to keep her inside the house. Will this be enough to make her the grand winner of the show, or will she just miss the big title? Jane was the third to be called to move on to the final round. 

3. Maris Racal. Another talented housemate, Maris is described as the “Singing Sunshine ng Davao.”  Her parents both sing, and her father also plays the guitar. She herself can play the guitar as well as the piano, ukulele, and beatbox. 

She had misgivings when she found out her parents were not married, but was in for a surprise, when her parents got married inside Kuya's house. Maris was the first one to be called to move on to the final round. 

4. Daniel Matsunaga. The last man standing inside Kuya’s house, Daniel is a familiar face in modeling and television. The Brazilian-Japanese from Makati has proven himself not only in the weekly tasks but also giving advice to his housemates during tough decision-making moments. Daniel was the second to move on to the final round. 

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