LOOK: Adorable new photos of Princess Charlotte, taken by Kate Middleton

MANILA, Philippines – We've seen the young royal rock star Prince George out in the headlines lately, adorably posing next to Queen Elizabeth for a set of postage stamps and meeting the Obamas in his pajamas.

Now, the royal family has posted new photos of Princess Charlotte, taken by her mother Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William.

Kate, who enjoys photography, often takes her own photos of her children for official release. 

"The Duchess took these photographs of her daughter in April at their home in Norfolk," reads the caption on the royal family's Facebook post. 

"The Duke and Duchess are very happy to be able to share these important family moments, ahead of their daughter's first birthday."






Charlotte turns 1 on May 2, while older brother George turns 3 on July 22. – Rappler.com