Singer Rhap Salazar explains controversial tweets on lip-syncing celebrities

MANILA, Philippines – Singer Rhap Salazar said that he did not expect his recent tweets on lip-syncing celebrities to become controversial.

Nung time na nag-tweet ako, iyon yung na express ko talaga, kung ano yung na feel ko. Kasi normal teenager, mabilis ka mag-react sa mga bagay and most of them you post sa mga social media,” he said in an interview with ABS-CBN. Rhap is the US to coach the representatives for the World Champion of the Performing Arts (WCOPA). 

(The time that I tweeted, that’s what I really expressed, what I felt. Because as a normal teenager, you react fast to many things and you post them on social media.)

"In-explain ko lang 'yung side ko as a singer. Sa mga tao po na nagtanggol – hindi naman 'kumampi,' kumbaga pareho kami ng pananaw. Happy naman po ako kasi kung ano man ang na-feel ko as a singer, na-feel din nila," Rhap added.

(I just explained my side as a singer. To those who defended, I think it was not really siding with me, more like, we shared the same perspective. I’m happy that what I feel as a singer, they also understand.)

As for negative comments he has been receiving over his tweets, this is what Rhap has to say: “ Kanya-kanyang mga opinion naman tayo. Sa mga bashers at sa mga ibang negative comments, sobrang open-minded po ako intindihin lahat.”

(We all have our different opinions. To the bashers and on other negative comments, I’m very open-minded to understanding everything.)

Last July 4, Rhap posted a tweet, saying he was not happy seeing artists who lip-sync on television. The tweet was followed by a rib about some of those artists getting albums. 

I hate seeing artists lip-syncing on TV — Rhap Salazar (@rhapsalazar) July 5, 2015 Yung iba nagkaka-album pa — Rhap Salazar (@rhapsalazar) July 5, 2015


Rhap's comments caused quite a stir with many artists commenting when they were asked about their thoughts on the issue. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Gary Valenciano defended Rhap, saying that Rhap was probably frustrated that singers with a lot of talent are not often given as much exposure as others. 

Gary's son Gab meanwhile said that Rhap should not apologize for his opinion as it is valid. On Facebook, Gab said:

"Our country, the Philippines, glorifies a multitude of singers that can't sing, actors that can't act, dancers that can't dance, unfunny comedians, directionless directors, and so many other con artists that take themselves too seriously; and proudly measure stardom by sheer looks and justify success by fame. What a shame. Glad to see there are some youngsters on the offensive for once. My only piece of advice, Rhap. Do not apologize for your own personal opinions, especially ones as valid as yours," Gab wrote.

In an interview with reporters at the launch of her new Xeleb game, Anne, who was asked to comment on the issue, said for as long as she makes people happy, that's what matters.

Wala. Wala naman akong masasabi kasi masaya naman, e. (Nothing. I have nothing to say because it's fun.)

Basta mayroon akong napapasaya, okay na ako doon, okay naman, e,” Anne said. (For as long as I make someone happy, I'm okay with that.)

Meanwhile Broadway star Lea Salonga said understands why some singer would be hurt if their albums were not marketed right. Here are some of her tweets on the matter:

Heto na naman. Ang sabi ko, CASE TO CASE. There are times na kelangang mag-lip sync. Sports events, shows where background noise is loud. — Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) July 13, 2015 However, pag hindi naman kelangan, puwede ba?! Real singers under normal circumstances should not lip sync. Listen muna before judging. — Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) July 13, 2015


She went on to say that she does hope great singers are given a chance in a competitive landscape. 

Wide awake, so I'll tweet some more. @rhapsalazar had another point, his frustration at non-singers releasing albums (minsan, platinum). — Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) July 13, 2015 In an ideal world, albums would only be released by actual living and breathing singers. Period. But we don't live in an ideal world. — Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) July 13, 2015 Should I begrudge a non-singer for releasing an album? I say no. But I sure as hell won't buy it, promote it, recommend it, or listen to it. — Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) July 13, 2015 So perhaps the change to the marketplace needs to come from the consumers, to stop the demand for non-singers' albums. #LawOfSupplyAndDemand — Lea Salonga (@MsLeaSalonga) July 13, 2015


According to a report on Pep, comedian Vice Ganda said that Rhap should have not used the word "hate," saying he could have expressed his opinion better. 

"Sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap natin, hindi naman natin sinabi sa mga totoong singer na hindi na, 'Hindi na kayo puwedeng gumawa, kami na lang,'" Vice said.

(In the quest to achieve our dreams, we are not telling the other singers that they can't go on, that we're the only ones who can.) 

Meanwhile, TV host Boy Abunda said that he respects Rhap's opinion but also pointed that there are singers who lip-sync in certain situations. On Aquino and Abunda Tonight last Monday, July 13, Boy reminded Rhap that he has the freedom not be happy about it and not to watch those shows. 

"Pero doon sa kung hate na totoo, I want to remind Rhap that if you have the freedom to hate artists who lip-sync, you also have the freedom not to watch them, switch off, huwag mong panoorin, walang pumipilit sa ’yo (don't watch it because no one is forcing you to watch them)," he said.

“Discover what makes them tick. I mean, review your brand essence, your equity, ano ba ang ginagawa nilang tama na hindi mo ginagawa? (What are they doing right that you are not doing?)

“Because with your enormous talent, Rhap, I’m sure you have a place under the sun.

“But that’s how you make something negative positive. Isang opinyon ng isang maliit na manager na katulad ko. (One opinion of a smaller talent manager like me.)" Boy is well known as a veteran in the industry. 

On Twitter, musical director Gerard Salonga said Rhap's tweet paved the way for discussion, but asked social media users to do so with courtesy. 

Regarding the issue of Rhap's tweet, I'm glad that it has sparked discussion, pero please lang mga kababayan, walang pikunan, o murahan, etc — Gerard Salonga (@Gerard_Salonga) July 14, 2015


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