WATCH: Billy Crystal pays tribute to 'greatest friend' Robin Williams at 2014 Emmys

MANILA, Philippines – Thanks to host Seth Meyer and all the other antics at this year’s Emmys, the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles rang with laughter. But when it was time to remember those who have passed, there was not a dry eye in the house. 

Among those who were honored were James Garner, Lauren Bacall, Elaine Stritch, Casey Kasem, Bob Hoskins, Maya Angelou, and Paul Walker, set to a Sara Bareilles performance of "Smile."

As was previously mentioned, the In Memoriam segment ended with a special tribute to comedy icon Robin Williams, who was found dead of an apparent suicide on August 11. 

“He made us laugh. Hard,” said Billy Crystal, Robin Williams’ close friend and frequent comedy buddy.

With Whoopi Goldberg, the trio hosted comedy events for a charity called Comic Relief Inc.

“I spent many happy happy hours with Robin onstage. I mean the brilliance was astounding, the relentless energy was kind of thrilling. I used to think that if I could put a saddle for him and stay on for 8 seconds, I was gonna do okay,” said Billy, clearly sad, but keeping the tone of the tribute even and light. 

“He was the greatest friend you could ever imagine. Supportive, protective, loving. It’s very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives.

“For almost 40 years, he was the brightest stars in the comedy galaxy. But while some of the brightest of our celestial bodies are actually extinct now, their energy long since cool, but miraculously, because they float in the heavens so far away from us now, their beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever and the glow will be so bright, it will warm your heart, it’ll make your eyes glisten, and you’ll think to yourselves, ‘Robin Williams – what a concept.’” 

Watch the tribute below:



This was followed by a montage of many of his great TV moments, including appearances on The Tonight Show and clips from his standups. After this, the screen faded to black.

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