Ryan Agoncillo on daddy duties, new game show 'Cash Cab PH'

MANILA, Philippines – Aside from hosting Eat Bulaga and taping for his sitcom Ismol Family, busy TV host Ryan Agoncillo is also preparing for the arrival of his third child, a daughter that he and wife, actress Judy Ann Santos, have named Juana Luisa or Luna, for short. 

"We started out not really thinking of how many kids to have. And then when we had two, all of a sudden my wife is like ‘hey let’s go for another one.’ Aangal pa ba ako? (Will I complain about it?)," Ryan told the press during the press conference for his new show Cash Cab Philippines, Wednesday, December 9.

"Na bless kami ulit (We were blessed) with a third child and we’ll see. They say that the third child is a game-changer, 'cause this is the time when your kids form their own world apart form their parents. We’re preparing for that and preparing for the arrival of General Luna," Ryan joked, referring to the Philippine general, whose life story was recently made into a movie. Luna will be the nickname of their new daughter.

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Cash Cab Philippines

While waiting for Luna, Ryan is focused on his new project Cash Cab Philippines, a show that came from the US. It also had an Asian version that was shown in the region. Ryan described making the show as an "awesome experience" for him.

Ryan, along with some contestants during the show. Photo courtesy of AXN

Ryan, along with some contestants during the show.

Photo courtesy of AXN

"It was something that I’ve really been watching. And when AXN called me up, it was something 15 years ago that if they called me to do this, I don’t think I would have been ready," Ryan said.

In the show, Ryan will assume the role of a cab driver and show host. He will pick up random people, driving them to their destination and quizzing them on general knowledge at the same time. As they continue to arrive to the destination, the questions become harder. Contestants will win cash prizes for every correct answer. They get only up to 3 strikes before they are asked to get out of the cab. Contestants in the show are allowed two "shout outs" meaning they can call a friend or ask help from a random person.

The show will have a double-episode premiere on Tuesday, December 22 .

Ryan said his love for race car driving and motorcycles helped him during the taping. 

"It’s very intense that way. I wasn’t trying to sound funny when I say that what really prepared me apart from the 17 years of hosting is the race car driving. It’s talking to my kids at the back.

"Hindi mo nararamdaman yung physical pagod (You won't feel the physical exhaustion) but the mental aspect. You’re driving, you’re operating the lights, you’re asking the questions you make sure your passengers are okay while you’re actually playing the game and getting them safely," he said.

Ryan said that he finds it ironic that he's hosting a show that entails him driving around Manila, considering the bad traffic, but he said it's now his stage.

The cab Ryan will use for the show. Photo courtesy of AXN

The cab Ryan will use for the show.

Photo courtesy of AXN

"I find it very ironic that I started riding motorcycles again. I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was in college. I took it up seriously again for the past few months because of the traffic. It buys me at least 3 to 4 hours more a day because I skip traffic all together," he said.

"I find it ironic that when I decided to do that, then I ride to my job and my job is to ride into traffic. So it’s pretty intense. The way I feel though, traffic becomes my stage now in Cash Cab. Traffic becomes another factor in the game."

The show also gave Ryan the opportunity to introduce his job to his children. One of the episodes will see his kids answer questions inside the cab along with Judy Ann.

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Judy Ann Santos and kids take a ride in the Cash Cab! Judy Ann Santos and kids take a ride in the #AXNCashCabPH with our very handsome manong driver, Ryan Agoncillo! Follow Cash Cab Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know where we drive to next. Cash Cab is the only cab that pays you. Posted by Cash Cab Philippines on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


"They had fun. At that time, we were deep into filming, it was the last day. And the kids were wondering bakit madaling araw ako umuuwi (why I come home already early in the morning). Normally, I go home before sunset. So they kept on asking me throughout the APEC week.

"They were wondering ano 'yung Cash Cab? Of course they know Cash Cab from AXN. They’re very excited about it. So when they got to experience it, it was a pretty awesome experience for them and the cash they won, they actually put it in the bank. Although they won P9,000, na minusan na nang (it was deducted by) P500 kasi bumili sila ng (because they bought) yogurt. Nagpaalam sa akin (They asked permission)," Ryan said. 

The experience with kids also reminded him of the times he always tagged along with his dad back in the day.

"It was fun. It was nice because we had all the lights and we had all the questions. That experience I think gave them an idea of how Dad makes a living. This is what dad does for a living. And I would remember when I join my dad in his office, it stuck to me. So I think that would be one of the better experiences we ever had," Ryan said. – Rappler.com 

Cash Cab Philippines premieres December 22 on AXN.