Saab Magalona is pregnant

MANILA, Philippines – Congrats, Kuya Pancho (and Saab and Jim)!

Singer Saab Magalona announced Monday evening, April 8, that she's pregnant again.

"Kuya Pancho can't hide his excitement!" she captioned a photo of herself carrying her first child, Pancho. Saab seemed to have an oh-so-very slight baby bump. 

Pancho (or Panchito Burrito to his IG fans) is Saab and husband Jim Bacarro's first child. This is Saab's second pregnancy. 

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It's been a bittersweet year or so for Saab, Jim, and Pancho. The young couple lost Pancho's twin sister on February 8, 2018. Saab herself was "in and out" of the Intensive Care Unit for a while. Pancho was also in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

They've since started a fund and released a song in memory of their daughter. 

Pancho turned 1 in February this year. –