Jessica Sanchez, Longoria support Obama

NORTH CAROLINA, United States of America - Filipino-Mexican American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez is among the celebrities on the Obama bus. She performed Thursday morning (Manila time) in the still-ongoing day 2 of the 2012 Democratic National Convention here.

The 17-year-old tweeted last week:

“I might not be old enough to vote, but I'm so honored and excited to perform at @BarackObama's big party in Charlotte next week!#DNC2012!” 

Sanchez's performance at the Time Warner Cable Arena followed a long line of podium speeches, among them by:

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, co-chair of Obama's national re-election campaign, said in a skybox interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, "I'm speaking to the women's community and the Latino community. I'm living proof of the American dream."

Longoria is scheduled to speak on the 3rd day (Sept 6) of the convention. She said it's the first time that there is a Hispanic keynote at the Democratic convention.

"It shows a lot of the respect that the Democrats have for this vote."

When asked about Clint Eastwood and his "chair" at the actor/director's August 30 speech at the Republican convention, Longoria remarked, "We're both from the entertainment industry, but we're different (in the sense that) I've been on the ground and all over the US speaking to voters."

She added with a laugh: "I won't be bringing any chair tomorrow (when I speak)." Longoria would not comment further. "It's not fair for me to judge him. I haven't seen it."

When asked about the Latino population in the US, Longoria said they are 15-M in the US and "a fast-growing population."

"As a woman, we're half of the country, so it's important that these issues about moving women's rights (keep going) forward," she said.

For Longoria, the Obama health care act is a way of "protecting women's rights. (He gave us) access to health care and access to jobs, he gave us equal pay for equal work." And for the Latino entrepreneurs, "He's given many tax cuts to small businesses."

With women's health the subject of a video shown tonight, Longoria said that she is a Catholic who is pro-choice.

Addressing the Republican stand against abortion ("unless it involves cases of rape, incest or the mother's life is in mortal danger"), Longoria said: "I find it archaic. I find that the government should not be making that choice (for us). The Republicans are for small governments yet they want to be in the bedroom."

Morgan asked Longoria if America is better off now than 4 years ago, and she quickly said yes.

According to Fox News Latino, rapper Pitbull and actress Jessica Alba will also have roles in the convention. -