Sarah Geronimo's former bodyguard gets P200,000 settlement

MANILA, Philippines – Jerry Tamara, the former close-in bodyguard of Sarah Geronimo who claimed her husband Matteo Guidicelli punched him won't file charges against the actor. Instead, he received P200,000 as part of an out-of-court settlement.

In a video posted on Raffy Tulfo in Action on Monday, March 2, Tamara is seen meeting with Viva Entertainment chairman Vic del Rosario. The couple were supposed to be present but had prior work commitments on February 26.

Tulfo reported that after Tamara and Del Rosario's talk, Tamara asked for P1.5 million in damages. Del Rosario countered it with P100,000, which Tamara refused.

Tamara told Tulfo that he needed to have a fresh start following the incident. He then told Tulfo that he will think about it and even considered not asking for money as long as Guidicelli apologized to him on TV5. However, Tulfo said it might be difficult since Guidicelli and Geronimo are both ABS-CBN contract stars.

Tamara said that Geronimo's mother, Divine, said that he should not agree to a settlement with Guidicelli.

"Dapat nasa proceso daw. Yung ginawa ni Sir Matteo panagutan ang pangyayari at malinis yung pangalan." (It should go through a process. Matteo should be responsible for what happened so I can clear my name.)

When asked if Divine was dictating him, Tamara said he was doing it on his own free will.

On February 28, Tulfo got word that Tamara received P200,000 as settlement. On February 29, Tulfo received a text message from Tamara confirming that he had settled the matter with Viva.

Tamara had accused Guidicelli of punching him on February 20 in an altercation after Geronimo and Guidicelli's secret wedding. Divine, who was not informed of the wedding, gatecrashed the wedding reception to confront the couple. (READ: Even the Guidicellis only knew of Sarah and Matteo's wedding plans the day before)

Guidicelli and Geronimo have been together since 2014. (TIMELINE: Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli’s most kilig-worthy moments)

Del Rosario was one of those who tried to pacify Divine during the incident. He has insisted – along with Matteo and a close friend of the couple – that Matteo did not punch Tamara. –