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‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ to premiere final season of ‘True Crime’ series

‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ to premiere final season of ‘True Crime’ series

Photo from Ryan Bergara's Instagram page

The eighth and final season of Ryan and Shane's 'Unsolved: True Crime' series airs on the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network Channel

YouTube star and Buzzfeed Unsolved co-host Ryan Bergara took to Instagram on Monday, June 7, to share the trailer for the e,ighth and final season of web series Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime.

Bergara shared his experience being a part of the popular online documentary series for the past five years, which he co-hosts with friend Shane Madej. He also clarified that after its premiere, there will still be a seventh and final season of Unsolved Supernatural out by the fall of 2021.

“Whether you watched from day 1, or are new to the series, YOU made this show possible. And for that, I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity and support,” Bergara said.

“I hope this closure is as satisfying to you guys (the fans of the show) as much as it is to me. I literally grew up making this show, and you guys were gracious enough to watch that transition. That’ll always be special to me,” he added.

The Buzzfeed series, which first aired in 2016, adopts a documentary style approach, where Bergara and Madej dive into different true crime cases and unsolved mysteries, while discussing theories.

The show has two alternating themes. In True Crime, they discuss real-life cases, from old to recent. In Supernatural, they cover paranormal cases by visiting a haunted location to explore and uncover more of its dark history.

Since its debut, the original Buzzfeed Unsolved YouTube channel, now called Buzzfeed Unsolved Network, has accumulated over billions of views, with over four million subscribers. It now features more eerie content from other creators.

“Last by not least, I’d like to thank the big guy, Shane Madej, for shouldering the load with me and helping make this show the best it could possibly be,” Bergara said.

Unsolved is not only loved by fans because of its thorough true-crime details and gripping narratives, but also for the goofy duo’s humor and contrasting personalities, with Madej being the paranormal skeptic and Bergara being the scaredy-cat believer.

In 2019, the Unsolved hosts quit Buzzfeed as full-time employees and announced that they will be venturing into a new project with Buzzfeed’s Worth It star Steven Lim. Their new channel, Watcher, is “focused on creating television-caliber unscripted series in the digital space” through food, horror, and travel-related content.

The final season of Unsolved True Crime premieres on June 18 at 3 pm PST on the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network Channel. – with reports from Angelica Burlaza/Rappler.com

Angelica Burlaza is a Rappler intern.