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‘Emily in Paris’ stars say season 2 ‘rich with new characters and dynamics’

Ysa Abad
‘Emily in Paris’ stars say season 2 ‘rich with new characters and dynamics’

Lily Collins' Emily meets Alfie, portrayed by Lucien Laviscount.


The second season of 'Emily in Paris' is set to premiere on December 22

MANILA, Philippines – Following the cliffhanger ending in the first season, the Emily in Paris cast are excited to show the viewers what’s in store for the second season. 

“This season is so rich with new characters and new dynamics. It’s just a season of unraveling the truth and the characters’ navigating their lives to the best of their abilities,” Lucas Bravo, who played chef Gabriel, told Rappler in an exclusive media conference. 

Lucas Bravo portrays chef Gabriel in ‘Emily in Paris.’

In the finale of the first season, it was revealed that Lucas’ character will stay in Paris to pursue his dreams of having his own restaurant. “In the previous season, he was kind of navigating blurry waters. But here, he’s actually his own man. He’s getting his own accomplishments. It’s just a season of expansion for him,” he said. 

Lily Collins, who plays titular character Emily, agreed that the second season will be all about growth. This, she said, is brought upon by the almost two-year difference between shooting the first and second seasons. While the upcoming season didn’t incorporate the COVID-19 pandemic situation in its story, Lily emphasized that it still has affected the way they shaped their characters in the second season. 

“We’ve all learned so much and grown so much throughout the pandemic and the state of the world, and just everything the world has gone through – politically, environmentally, socially. So much that implementing some of those lessons we’ve learned into our characters was also a way to ground them, but also, kind of allow the characters to continue teaching us things about ourselves,” she said. 

One of the key changes in the upcoming season, she said, is the arrival of Lucien Laviscount’s character Alfie. “Alfie challenges [Emily], he provides the counterbalance to her optimism. He is the voice of reason – that it can’t be just this sugar-coated view of the City of love,” Lily said. 

Lily Collins’ Emily meets Alfie, portrayed by Lucien Laviscount.

“They kinda show these opposing views. He brings out a new fun side with her…. Alfie is meeting her fresh – the Emily in Paris is the Emily that he’s meeting, not the Emily in Chicago who’s moving to Paris.… That gives Emily the confidence…because she doesn’t have to defend anything [about her character] prior to that,” she continued. 

Lucien echoed the sentiment, saying that Alfie’s nature of being grounded is a direct contrast to Emily’s passionate perception of Paris. “Alfie opens up Emily’s life to more excitement than she’s probably what she’s used to…. He comes at the right time for her to do something for herself. He allows her to be free and let herself go,” he shared. 

But aside from a new potential love interest, Lily added that she’s looking forward to the growing friendship of Emily and Mindy (played by Ashley Park), whose character will also be explored in the upcoming season. 

Ashley Park says the second season will see more of her character, Mindy.

Ashley said, “We didn’t get to see a lot of flaws and textures of Mindy in season one because Emily hasn’t gotten to know her in that way, too. But here, we get to see more of her flaws, vulnerabilities, and her insecurities. It’s a whole different side of Mindy as she tries to navigate where she fits in the world.” 

Lily continued that the upcoming season will highlight Emily and Mindy’s bond as both their characters will have their share of ups and downs. “As much as they can laugh together, they can also cry together. It just meant that both have created a safe environment for the other to feel not judged and feel loved,” she said.

Ashley agreed: “There’s no doubt that they’re gonna be there for each other. Neither of them is demanding the other to be someone else they’re not. It’s not a transactional friendship, it’s a completely two-way friendship.”

“For two people who’ve been independent for a long time to be able to trust another woman and be dependent and open with them is such an empowering thing to see onscreen,” she added. 

Other cast members who will be reprising their roles are Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Samuel Arnold, Camille Razat, and Bruno Gouery.

Emily in Paris season two is set to premiere on Netflix on December 22. – 

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