The 'director's cut' of 'On The Job' to premiere as a series on HBO GO

Erik Matti is releasing the longer, director’s cut of On The Job as a six-part series via HBO GO in September. 

Variety earlier reported that the first two episodes of the upcoming series will featuring the original 2013 film.

In an Instagram post, Matti said that the series will include never-before-seen footage from the original film.

“We brought back several plotlines that I’ve written into the original script that slowed down the main plot when it was just a movie. Now that it’s a series, we can now explore as many plotlines as we can,” the director said. 

Matti added that it was such a joy to revisit and work again with the material. “I was in awe rediscovering the material that we all shot back then and see the characters live on again with their lives showing a little more of their characters. That’s the magic I was so surprised to feel when I saw the footage again.”   

Select episodes of the upcoming series will also premiere in the 78th Venice International Film Festival as the movie On The Job: The Missing 8.” The On The Job sequel, starring John Arcilla, Dennis Trillo, and Dante Rivero is the lone Philippine entry to the main competition, and will compete under the full-length feature films category. The festival will run from September 1 to 11, 2021.

Clips from On The Job: The Missing 8 are also part of the HBO Go trailer for the series.

On Saturday, July 31, Matti also posted a photo of the synopsis of On The Job series on HBO Go. “No turning back. The deadline is real. It’s up,” he wrote in the caption. 

The original On The Job movie followed two hired assassins (Joel Torre and Gerald Anderson) who are regularly released from prison for political assassination missions, even as two two law enforcers (Piolo Pascual and Joey Marquez) follow their trail. When it was released in 2013, the film won several awards, including the Jury’s Choice Prize and Best Actor for Torre at the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea. 

Magdalane Ew, WarnerMedia’s head of content – entertainment for India, Southeast Asia, and Korea, told Variety, “Since 2013, when part of the story was released theatrically, interest in this project has been really high. We’re so pleased to offer HBO GO audiences a first look at On The Job as a limited series, one of our first from the Philippines. It is the work of some of the country’s top creative and storytelling talent.”  

On The Job is written by Matti and Michiko Yamamota, executive produced by Matti, Ronald Monteverde, Joe Caliro, and Quark Henares, and jointly produced by Reality Entertainment and Globe Studios. 

A final release date for On The Job series has yet to be announced. –