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Jerrold Tarog won’t be directing the ‘Darna’ TV series

Jerrold Tarog won’t be directing the ‘Darna’ TV series

NO INVOLVEMENT. Director Jerrold Tarog sys he's not involved in the TV version of 'Darna.'

File photo by Precious del Valle/Rappler

Jerrold was set to direct the earlier planned 'Darna' film

Director Jerrold Tarog announced that he will not be involved in the upcoming Darna TV series.

Tarog made the confirmation in a tweet on Wednesday, January 13 when one of his followers asked if he will have any involvement in the show.

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to be involved in the TV series due to scheduling conflicts. But some doors remain open regarding my future involvement in the Ravelo universe. We will see. For now, I wish ABS-CBN & @Imjanedeleon all the best. Let’s continue to support them,” he said.

Tarog took over the project, which was supposed to be a movie, in 2018, following several delays. Erik Matti and Angel Locsin were originally attached to the movie.

In 2017, Liza Soberano was announced as the new Darna but had to beg off after suffering a finger injury.

Jane was chosen to play the iconic role in 2019 after a series of auditions. They already shot a few scenes before it was announced that the movie had been “postponed indefinitely.”

ABS-CBN has yet to announced who will be directing the TV series but a teaser was already aired as part of the lineup of shows for 2021. –