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‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ remake headed to The CW

‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ remake headed to The CW

LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. The hit '90s adventure game show is set for a remake with adult contestants.

Photo from Legends of the Hidden Temple's Facebook

The new version will feature adult contestants, and will be set in a 'mysterious jungle'

The Legends of the Hidden Temple remake is still happening, and it’s headed to American television network The CW.

The CW made the announcement on Tuesday, May 11 in a press release to US media outlets, including Variety. The CW describes the remake as a “supersized adult version” of the ‘90s adventure game show that saw pairs completing various physical challenges across an obstacle course designed to look like jungle ruins. 

It will feature adult contestants and will keep some of the original show’s elements, including the Mayan talking head Olmec, the moat crossing, the steps of knowledge, the temple run, and the original team names: Purple Parrots, Blue Barracudas, Red Jaguars, Silver Snakes, Orange Iguanas, and Green Monkeys.

However, unlike the original version, which was shot in a studio, the remake will be set in a “mysterious jungle” and will have tougher challenges and bigger prizes.

The remake was first announced in December 2019. It was initially planned to premiere on the mobile-only streaming platform Quibi, but the platform shut down in December 2020. 

The original show ran on Nickelodeon from 1993 to 1995, and featured kids as its contestants. It was originally produced by Stone & Company, which is returning to produce the remake. –