ABS-CBN runs poll on LOTR 'remake' and fans aren't having it

MANILA, Philippines – For reasons most people just can't comprehend yet, local television station ABS-CBN ran a series of polls on their official Facebook account, asking users to pick their "dream cast" for a hypothetical Lord of the Rings remake.

But it was more nightmare than (day) dream for fans of the movie franchise.

Over a span of several days, the Philippine media giant asked its followers to choose a Kapamilya actor or actress to play key characters in the series: Galadriel, Legolas, Arwen, and Frodo.

The reactions ranged from pure rage, confusion, and… concern?

Here's a few of the best comments users left in the ABS-CBN posts: 

We're not really sure what ABS-CBN is up to, or if they're just trolling and triggering all of us. We're sure of one thing, though: never ruffle the feathers of LOTR fans. – Rappler.com