WATCH: Claire Underwood takes over in ’House of Cards’ season 6 teaser

MANILA, Philippines – Claire Underwood settles into her seat in the Oval Office in the new teaser for Netflix’s House of Cards, which is set to release its 6th and final season later in the year.

The show hit a snag in October 2017 when its lead actor, Kevin Spacey, was accused of sexual assault by actor Anthony Rapp. Spacey addressed the accusation online, but was booted from the show by Netflix.

Spacey’s character, US President Frank Underwood, was written out of the show at the end of the fifth season. In the season finale, Frank resigns as President of the United States, leaving his wife Claire, the Vice-President, to take the position.

The new season will follow Claire, played by Golden Globe winner Robin Wright, as she settles in to her role as commander-in-chief.

The final season of House of Cards is set to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2018. All 5 seasons can be streamed on Netflix. –