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WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ promises ‘best spring break ever’ in new season 4 teaser

WATCH: ‘Stranger Things’ promises ‘best spring break ever’ in new season 4 teaser

COMING SOON. Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp in the newest teaser for 'Stranger Things' season four.

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The new teaser shows Eleven, Will, and the Byers family's life after leaving Hawkins

Netflix released on Saturday, November 6, a new teaser for the fourth season of Stranger Things, hinting at the return of several characters and revealing the new location for the Hawkins gang. 

The one-minute clip begins with Eleven’s narration of her letter to boyfriend Mike. “It’s day 185,” she said – hinting that the new season will pick up 185 days after we last saw the Byers family leaving their troubled home in Hawkins, Indiana in the season three finale. 

It continues with more sneak peeks of Eleven adjusting to her new life in California while telling Mike that they’ll be having “the best spring break ever” once she gets to see him again.

It was then followed by a montage of chaotic events – staring at a creepy doll, shooting through the windows, government officials restraining Eleven, a mysterious desert bunker, fire, and more explosions.

Titled “Welcome to California,” the newest clip is the latest of the four teasers released by Netflix since February 2020 for the upcoming fourth season. The first teaser revealed that Chief Jim Hopper is alive, the second teaser focused more on Eleven’s dark past, while the third teaser introduced a new creepy location – The Creel House. 

While characters Will, Jonathan, Joyce, and Mike were largely absent from the first three teasers, the fourth teaser has dropped hints on what’s going to happen to them in the upcoming season. 

The release of the fourth teaser comes as part of Netflix’s celebration of “Stranger Things Day,” which is meant to commemorate the date of November 6, 1983 – the day that Will Byers first disappeared in the Upside Down universe during the first season of the series. 

Stranger Things season four has yet to announce a final premiere date, but Netflix promised that it will be some time in “Summer 2022.”

It was only a month into the production of the new season when the coronavirus outbreak first hit the US in March 2020, causing a halt in movie and film productions around the country. The third season premiered in July 2019.

The sci-fi thriller series follows a group of kids from Hawkins, Indiana who are threatened by the insidious existence of the Upside Down and its worst monsters. 

Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Charlie Heaton, Cara Buono, and Natalie Dyer. –