Into the throne and out again: A post-'Game of Thrones' panel

Game of Thrones aired its last episode ever on May 20 (in the Philippines) and days after, both casual and hardcore fans aren't quite over it yet. The series, after all, is among the biggest in this generation. 

Based on George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones first aired in 2011. Since then, it's become a fixture in pop culture with online and offline communities devoted to understanding the mysteries of Westeros and beyond. 

Rappler gathers a group of analysts – okay, people who spent too much time on Game of Thrones – to talk about the finale, the final season, and the series as a whole. Spoilers about but if like us you've been dying to debate over the twists and turns of the final season, you're in good company. 

Our watch has ended – but that doesn't mean we can't overanalyze and unpack the series finale that's been. Catch the discussion live on Rappler on Wednesday, May 22, and join us as we dissect, lament, and praise a series that's been part of our lives for over a decade. –