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TJ Valderrama, Karen Bordador are evicted from ‘Pinoy Big Brother’

TJ Valderrama, Karen Bordador are evicted from ‘Pinoy Big Brother’

EVICTED. TJ Valderrama and Karen Bordador are the latest evictees of 'PBB.'

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Alexa Ilacad and Samantha Bernardo are safe from eviction

MANILA, Philippines TJ Valderrama and Karen Bordador have ended their journey as celebrity housemates for Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10 on Sunday, December 5. 

TJ and Karen are the two housemates with the lowest combined save and evict votes among the four nominees, making them the fifth and sixth evictees of this edition. The Sunday episode also sees this season’s first double eviction night. 

TJ had a total of -03.05% votes in the final tally, meaning there were more vote-to-evict votes than vote-to-save, and Karen placed third with a total of 16.42%. Alexa Ilacad led the final tally with 36.95%, followed by Samantha Bernardo with 28.03%. 

Referred to as the “Laughter Lodi ng Manila,” TJ was most known for his stint on It’s Showtime’s segment “Funny One.” He also appeared in various sitcoms such as Home Along Da Riles and Basta’t Kasama Kita. 

While inside the PBB house, TJ was involved in an alleged sexual harrassment controversy after netizens posted videos of the comedian doing “inappropriate actions” towards his fellow housemate, Shanaia Gomez. Producers of the reality show have since then released a statement to address the issue, saying that it’s just the housemates’ way of showing their affection for each other. 

In his first interview outside the PBB house, TJ said that he already missed the other housemates so much. “It has been my honor to cook for you, it has been my pleasure na alagaan kayo at maka-bonding kayo. ‘Wag niyo kalimutan na maging matatag lang ‘yung loob niyo (taking care of you and bonding with you. Don’t forget to toughen up). It has been great playing with you and against you,” he told them. 

Karen, tagged as “Ang Ms. Brightside ng Makati,” started her career in showbiz as a model and a radio DJ. 

In 2016, she was arrested in a drug operation. In June 2021, she was acquitted of all the charges and was released from jail after being detained for nearly five years. She launched her YouTube channel shortly before joining PBB. 

In an interview following her eviction, Karen told the remaining housemates how much she cares for them. “Hanging out with you guys was the best. You are the newest, closest friends that I have. 2021 has been amazing with you guys…. Don’t forget to keep on dreaming and loving each other,” she said.

On Monday, December 6, PBB is set to announce its sixth week of nominees. 

The current season is the 16th edition of the show. It sees celebrities, ranging from established actors, social media influencers, athletes, and rising personalities, living together in one house. –