‘Uzumaki’ anime delayed to October next year

‘Uzumaki’ anime delayed to October next year

UZUMAKI. The horror anime adaptation will be released in 2022.

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Directed by Hiroshi Nagahama, the anime adaptation is based on the highly-acclaimed horror manga by Junji Ito

Adult Swim announced on Wednesday, June 16 that their upcoming horror anime Uzumaki, which is based on a manga of the same name, will be delayed to an October release date next year.

Jason DeMarco, the senior vice president and creative director for Adult Swim, shared the news on his Twitter.

“BAD NEWS- It’s been moved to October 2022,” he wrote in a tweet.

However, it was followed by DeMarco saying that the anime is “coming together beautifully. Nagahama and team just need more time to cook and get it perfect.”

In a video posted by Adult Swim, Hiroshi Nagahama, the director of Uzumaki, apologized to fans who were eagerly awaiting for the anime adaptation of the critically-acclaimed manga.

“I wanted the fans who have been waiting for Uzumaki to know that I feel truly apologetic for the delay and ask for your patience just a little more,” Nagahama said.

He explained that “COVID had a huge impact on our anime industry in Japan. Especially for our Uzumaki production, it had a huge impact. That’s definitely the truth. It’s also true that we had to restructure our plan from the start, but it’s definitely starting to come together.”

The announcement was accompanied by a short clip from Uzumaki to give fans a glimpse of how the anime is going to look.

The clip shows a young girl walking in the fictional town of Kurouzu-cho, where she narrates that she is going to talk about “the strange events that took place here.” Unlike typical anime, Uzumaki’s art style is void of colors and is reminiscent of the black and white art styles depicted in manga.

Uzumaki draws its story from the 1998 horror manga by Junji Ito, which centers around a supernatural curse involving spirals that is inflicted on the town of Kurouzu-cho. The curse then makes the citizens of the small, quiet town to be obsessed and paranoid with spirals, resulting in them meeting their demise.

Nagahama said that they have more clips to show in the future and warned that the anime has “lots of scary and grotesque scenes.” Nagahama is best known for directing other anime shows such as Mushishi and The Flowers of Evil.with reports from John Patrick Magno Ranara /

John Patrick Magno Ranara is a Rappler intern.