[WATCH] Shaina Magdayao: I'm single by choice

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Shaina Magdayao said during the Single/Single press conference on August 13 that she chooses to be single for now.

Single/Single is Shaina's upcoming TV series where she plays Joee, a single girl who has to share an apartment with a single guy, Joey (Matteo Guidicelli).

During the press conference, Shaina said that she's more comfortable playing mature roles now – it ism after all, just part of the job.

"At the end of the day, trabaho lang naman kasi talaga. (It's really just work.) I am very fortunate to work with mga leading men na gentlemen, maalaga, hindi ka naman babastusin (caring, won't be rude to you) like Matteo," she said. Shaina played more daring roles in movies like Lobo (2008) and On the Job (2013), and has acted out love scenes.

She added that the Shaina on screen is different from the Shaina in real life – the Shaina in real life is single by choice. "Magkahiwalay si Shaina na artista saka ‘yung Shaina sa totoong buhay. (The Shaina who is a celebrity and the Shaina in real life are separate.) By choice, single pa rin [ang puso ko] (my heart is still single)… you can always make time for it, but I think now isn’t the perfect time for a relationship," she said.

Instead of spending time on a romantic relationship, Shaina also said that she chooses to spend her free time between work with her family and friends: "…but then ‘yung free time ko, instead of giving it to another person, I spend time with my family na lang, with my friends."

Shaina asserted that she isn't afraid of love despite of her past breakups. "Hindi naman [ako na-trauma], masarap umibig. Tingnan mo si Matteo, happy. But it doesn’t mean na hindi ka na umiibig, hindi ka naman happy."

(I wasn't traumatized, it's great to be in love. Look at Matteo, he's happy. But it doesn't mean that if you're not in love, then you're not happy.)

She doesn't get jealous of Matteo, who is currently in a relationship with singer Sarah Geronimo. "You know why, I really believe that time will come that I’ll meet the right one for me," she said.

She added that Sarah has nothing to worry about, even though she and Matteo are working together in Single/Single. "Wala naman pong dapat ipag-selos si Sarah, work is work dito. Sa title lang po siguro nanggaling yung pagiging single ni Matteo, but you know we know naman that he is not in real life."

(Sarah has nothing to be jealous about, work is work here. It's only in the title [of the show] that Matteo is single, but we know that he is not in real life.)

Shaina was previously in a relationship with actor John Lloyd Cruz, and they parted ways in 2012. John Lloyd recently guest starred in Nathaniel, where Shaina is a regular cast member. Both have said that working together was no issue for them despite of their past. – Rappler.com