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Sharon Cuneta confined in hospital, asks for prayers

MANILA, Philippines – Sharon Cuneta is currently confined in the hospital after suffering allergic rhinitis, post-nasal drip and bacterial infection.

Sharon made the announcement on her Facebook page. She also gave an update on her health condition.

"Okay. Chest x-ray okay. But fungal infection pa. Ngee. Longer to heal but at least it's being addressed na. Low albumin (Been dieting kasi. Ayan, pause na naman.), so they're adding a vitamin with that and proteins to my I.V.. Please pray that whatever else isn't supposed to be in my body goes away na. Love you all. Thanks so much. God is good! Pulmonologist next," she wrote.

In an earlier post, Sharon said that she has been coughing for the past 3 weeks after doing a concert with the ABS-CBN Philharomic Orchestra.

“Since my last post from Thailand, I've also been to Tokyo and California. I have been ignoring anything techie except to watch shows and read from, and it's been a great breather, a good rest and a small victory in my attempts at a simpler existence. I know it's impossible to keep that up so I'm enjoying it while I can.

“I sang at "The Music of Rey Valera" with the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra led by Maestro Gerard Salonga, and with some wonderful singers at the Solaire on August 1. The next day, I was so sick I couldn't get up. Major congestion and still, a cough.

"Last Sunday, I sang in ASAP at what I thought would be another tribute to Rey Valera but which turned out to be a very special gift to me and my decades-long partnership with Rey. (Thank you, my ASAP family! Thank you for honoring our work and music.:-)) Both times, I was able to sing because my doctor gave me medicine with steroids to open up my breathing and somehow temporarily stop me from coughing.

“I have been coughing for over 3 (!!!) weeks now. I went on antibiotics for two of those three weeks, and I didn't get better at all. I am always tired even when I'm not doing anything, also always dizzy, and yesterday I finally (yes, just yesterday. Matigas minsan ang ulo ko, ayaw agad pumunta sa doktor!) [I'm sometimes hard-headed and don't want to go right away to the doctors.]

"I went to see my E.N.T. at Cardinal Santos. Well now I am confined at St. Luke's because my doc warned me that I am contagious (Miguel already got sick. Am sure nahawa sa akin [he got it from me].) And I still don't know what's wrong with me, except for what my doc yesterday saw were allergic rhinitis and a post-nasal drip and a bacterial infection that all started when I was in the States. Also, my heart rate is racing even when I am sleeping. This, apparently, is the cause of my constant tiredness. Para akong excited na nanonood ng concert ng [It's like I'm a fan watching a concert of] One Direction (sorry, I'm really a fan! Blame my girls!:-)) kahit na nakahiga lang ako at nagbabasa [even if I'm just resting]. I know this because I had a 2D Echo test with one of my cardiologists last night. 

“I've been on an I.V. of antibiotics since I got here yesterday, but my cough is still weird. Weird for lack of a better word – and also really weird because I've never had a cough like this before. It's a "hard" cough. It is mostly quiet, but when it hits, it's like a full-on violent attack and I actually become weak from coughing too much. And my is what I am most worried about. At least it's fixable and right now they're just figuring out how much of a dosage I would need of my meds to keep the rate normal,” Sharon said.

“Late last night, I had a CT scan. Guess all's okay in that nothing has spread down to my lungs, kasi I haven't heard from my doc about anything negative from it. Thank God for that.

“Please, may I request you all to pray for me? I miss my babies so much and want to be nowhere else but home right at this moment. Please pray that whatever else is wrong with me that hasn't yet been diagnosed is diagnosed soonest, and that I am given the right meds so that I can get well and go home and go back to work?

“Thanks so much again and I hope all of you are okay. I miss you. God bless you all and lots of love.”

Last March, Sharon returned to ABS-CBN after leaving TV5. She recently appeared as one of the members of the panel in the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar. –