Sharon Cuneta plans to sue man who threatened to rape daughter Kakie

Sharon Cuneta is planning to sue the man who threatened to rape her daughter, Frankie Pangilinan, on social media.

In a text message to reporters on Sunday, June 21, Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said the singer reached out to him.

"Ms Sharon Cuneta has brought this matter to my attention and has expressed her strong desire to file a criminal complaint against the person who posted the offending message in social media," Guevarra said.

Guevarra said Cuneta has already identified the man, adding that it is ultimately her decision whether to file a case with Guevarra's department. "We shall verify the respondent’s identity and address for the purpose of giving him notice," Guevarra said.

The Revised Penal Code prohibits sending grave threats, which can lead to jail time and a P500 fine.

Who is the man? On Instagram on June 20, the actress posted an image of a certain "Sonny Alcos," who supposedly said on social media that if he were younger, he would look for Frankie and rape her.

The man appeared to be responding to Frankie speaking out against victim-blaming and rape culture on Twitter, and starting the viral hashtag #HijaAko in response to a condescending reply from Ben Tulfo.

In her Instagram post, an enraged Sharon called the commenter an "a**h**e of a father" and said that he was an embarrassment to President Rodrigo Duterte, who he allegedly supports.

Cuneta let on that she is currently investigating the man, noting that he had deleted his social media accounts and changed his photos. She also said that she is verifying leads to his employers.

Frankie or Kakie, 19, is Sharon's second child, and her first daughter with her husband, Senator Francis Pangilinan. –