Star Wars app lets you take hilarious 'Star Wars' selfies

MANILA, Philippines – The Star Wars app, continuing the promotional season for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is full of cool features and treats for fans – but one in particular is likely to be a huge hit with users: the Star Wars selfie.

The app lets you choose the character you're posing as, as well as the background character and the setting. 

You can be Princess Lea being chased by Darth Vader on the Tantive IV, or Luke Skywalker being chased by Darth Vader on Hoth – or you can simply try out a variety of characters and settings and make up your own Star Wars story. 

We set the app loose on some of the Rapplers here at the Rappler headquarters:

Bonus: you can even change the color of your lightsaber, including to red if you want to be a Sith, perhaps trained in secret by Darth Vader?  

Aside from the selfie feature, there are other fun things to do, too, including a built-in Force Trainer, which lets you pretend your device is a lightsaber and deflect simulated blasts with it, just like Luke did in A New Hope. 

There's also a whole host of emojis and gifs to choose from – you can even select your gif according to emotions like anger and confusion. 

There are options to share your emojis and gifs via Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, or you can also download them to share with your friends as attachments. 

The emojis already feature characters from The Force Awakens, including Kylo Ren and BB-8, as well favorites like Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and even hologram Princess Leia!

Another cool feature is the Sound Board, a library of audio files featuring the movie franchise's iconic lines, like Han Solo's "Who's looking scruffy?" or "I am a Jedi, like my father before me!" by Luke Skywalker. Our personal favorite: Yoda's "Do or do not; there is no try." 

And of course, the famous "I am your father" soundbite is available, too, including Luke's answering "Noooooooooo!" 


The app will also notify you of breaking news about Star Wars, including new videos, trailers, and the like, plus there's Star Wars history and trivia available, too. 

There's also an "Augmented Reality" feature that works after you scan a poster (see below).

Photo courtesy of Disney

You get an option to bring a certain character to life in 3D. More characters will be added over time. As of October 8, we see a Stormtrooper and BB-8 available for viewing. 

Take a look at how realistic your little Stormtrooper or BB-8 looks. 

One more fun function: you can view a location's weather. Typing San Francisco, for example, yielded this weather report in relation to the Ewok home, Endor. 

And typing Manila yielded this weather report: "31 degrees – it's like Yavin 4 out there." 

Will you be posting your Star Wars selfie soon? What do you think of the app? If you're interested, head over to these links to download on iTunes or Google Play. –