'A Summer Night' to remember with South Korean star Jung Hae-in

MANILA, Philippines— There were so many highlights from South Korean heartthrob Jung Hae-in's fan meet "One Summer Night" over the weekend that the hangover is real.

How can you move on from the excitement, especially when Hae-in indulged fans with so much laughter, hugs and selfies, and gave a high touch to all those at the New Frontier Theater last Saturday, September 28?

FUN NIGHT. South Korean actor Jung Hae-in is all smiles at his fan meet, 'One Summer Night,' with host, Sam Oh (L).

Photo by Iya Forbes/Rappler

When he opened the show with Paul Kim's "Every Day, Every Moment" that made every fan's heart flutter?


When he drank calamansi juice, bottoms up, and clearly liked the citrus drink? (He also said he enjoyed the local beer he drank the night before the show.)


When he displayed grit and determination in the bottle cap challenge, and showed his drawing skill, making a cartoon image of his manager on a T-shirt eventually won by a fan?


When he was flustered after learning that he caused a fresh and real breakup of one of his fans? This last one, we think even Hae-in himself would not easily forget.

The show, part of the actor's "Jung Hae In Asia Tour 2019" and produced by Wilbros Live, was packed with so many segments and made lively by host Sam Oh that even Hae-in was surprised that two hours flew by so fast.

When you've been to fan meets of South Korean stars, you'll realize that the event is more than just an opportunity for their followers to see them in person. It is a chance for their fans to get to know the celebrities they "stan" beyond their celebrity personas, as they share their most honest thoughts and feelings during the question and answer segment.

At the fan meet, we saw that, aside from being handsome, charming, and down-to-earth, the 31-year-old Hae-in is mature and grounded. This was evident during the Q&A portion called "Pharmacist for Your Soul," a takeoff from One Spring Night – his latest drama where he played a pharmacist and a single dad who finds love but has to fight for it.

"What do I do? Did you break up because of me?" Hae-in asked his fan, interpreted by Sam. When the fan confirmed it, Hae-in looked embarrassed.


Looking at him ponder at his answer, we remember how he captured our hearts when he was the affectionate Seo Joon-hee in Something in the Rain and the kind hearted Yoo Ji-ho in One Spring Night.

In the letter she wrote to Hae-in, which was selected by the staff, the fan said she agreed to the breakup because in her opinion, if her boyfriend loves her, he wouldn't leave her no matter how hard the situation. "Am I right, or am I wrong? Should I beg him to stay?" the fan asked Hae-in in her letter. He looked at the paper and thought of an answer.

"First of all, I would like to extend my apologies to your boyfriend," Hae-in said, translated by Sam. Fans screamed. He continued: "I think your decision was right. I respect your decision and for me it's very, very important for a person to love yourself."


Translating Hae-in's answer, Sam said according to the actor, he appreciates it so much that his fan flew all the way from Indonesia to come and see him.

"But also, on top of that, you love me so much and so you are doing this, but I hope that you get to a place where you love yourself more than anyone else," Hae-in said. That was an advise for one fan, but Hae-in's words resonated to each and every one in the theater.

Called onstage to receive Hae-in's prescription for her broken heart – a badge with his picture and a magnifying glass so she can look at him closer – the fan took steps back the moment Hae-in walked up to her! She was one of us: here is the guy you adore so much, ready to give you a hug! The theater shook with screams and laughter.


Fans couldn't stop saying how handsome Jung Hae-in is. Just a smile or a chuckle from the actor sent them screaming in their seats – and he looked shocked by the adulation.

LOVELIER THE SECOND TIME AROUND. Fans are thrilled South Korean actor Jung Hae-in returned to Manila for a fan meet.

Photo by Iya Forbes/Rappler

"There are so many thoughts in my mind now that the (fan meet) time is about to end. I'm an actor, so I don't get so much time to stand onstage like this. I am grateful and I do not take this for granted. My biggest wish is for you to love yourself," said Hae-in, a self-confessed fan of Korean pop group BTS, whose rallying cry to their fans is "Love yourself."

We wish we could tell you more about that summer night in September that we spent with Jung Hae-in, but it's really better if you experience a fan meet yourself. Jung Hae-in, Hallyu star, wrapped up his fan meet with a promise:

"I will definitely come back to Manila." – Rappler.com

Nikko Dizon

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