WATCH: 'Taylor Swift and Harry Potter parody mashup'

MANILA, Philippines – We love Harry Potter and we love Taylor Swift, but it was actress and musician Katie Parkin who had the brilliant idea to put the two together in a new video. Katie did a parody of Harry Potter set to the tune of Taylor Swift's songs – and it was awesome. 

The video, put up on YouTube on August 1, a day after Harry's – and author JK Rowling's – birthday, starts out with the golden trio meeting to the tune of "Shake It Off." Katie as Hermione Granger sings about how Harry's lightning bolt scar is "on fleek" and fixes his glases with a charm – "Oculus Reparo!"

Katie covers a few other scenes in the Harry Potter series, including meeting Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley coughing up slugs to the tune of "Bad Blood." Luna Lovegood also joins the trio as they go on their quest to find and destroy Horcruxes, set to the  songs "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space." Katie even dresses up as each of the characters in turn. 

"Thank you JK Rowling for writing these beautiful stories," Katie wrote in the video description below. "And thank you T.Swift for writing such catchy tunes!!" 

According to her website, Katie is an actress, musician, and – in case you couldn't tell – a "Harry Potter superfan." Aside from Harry Potter parodies, Katie also has covers of songs up on her YouTube channel. Watch her Frozen-themed Harry Potter parody and listen to her cover of Sam Smith's Stay With Me below: 



Katie is a company member of The New American Theatre Company in Los Angeles, but she also has experience in TV and film. See if you can catch her as one of the cuppers in Anna Kendrick's Cups music video: 


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