Joey Marquez, Vandolph speak up on Alma Moreno's interview with Karen Davila

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Vandolph Quizon, son of Alma Moreno, spoke up about his mother's "awkward" interview with Karen Davila.

In an Inquirer report, Vandolph told Dolly Anne Carvajal that Karen "humiliated" his mother and that Karen should treat her guests equally. 

“Karen humiliated my mom on national TV," he continued. "She kept pounding [on her]. She let my mom get rattled. My mom deserves to be respected because she is the chair of PCL (Philippine Councilors League), and she has been serving the country for so long. My mom is … [a person of] action and not just words. Some politicians are good speakers. They sweet-talk us to the point that they fool us and do corrupt things. My mom is not like them!”

On the other hand, Alma's former husband, Joey Mqrquez, told that he and his children were hurt by the outcome of the interview. “Pag ang mga anak ko ang nasasaktan, nasasaktan ako. Pag anak ko ang sinasaktan, nagagalit ako," he told the publication.

(If my children are hurt, I am hurt. If my children are being hurt, I get mad.)

In the Headstart interview with Karen that aired on November 11, Alma spoke about her advocacy for women's rights, her stand on same-sex marriage, and the Reproductive Health (RH) Law, among other topics.

Her comments on these issues and her reactions to the questions, however, became the topic of ridicule among social media users.

She jokingly suggested, for example, that couples should always have the lights on as a method of birth control. Another instance that drew criticism was when she asked "Kailangan pa bang sagutin? (Do I still have to answer that?)" when Davila insisted that she voice out her reservations about the RH Law.

Karen also explained that if Alma became senator, she'd have to vote pro or anti on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). After being asked for her opinion on it, Alma answered, "Palagay ko pag-aralan, sa ‘kin ngayon ah, pag-aralan munang mabuti. Kasi okay ‘yung BBL ‘pag anuhin natin, ‘yung kasi ang makikinabang, dapat lang makinabang, ang mga Filipino. Kaya dapat siguraduhin natin ‘yung BBL, kung ano ang meron dun."

(I think it should be studied. For me, at present, it should be studied carefully. Because the BBL, when we think about it, the one who should benefit should benefit, the Filipinos. That's why we should ensure the BBL, what it has.)

Soon, the hashtag #PrayforAlma trended. Memes with her quotes and photos also appeared online.

Still, Joey doesn't blame Karen for what happened, saying, "Hindi mo maalis kay Karen yun kasi trabaho yun, it’s her credibility."

(You can't take that away from Karen, because that's her job, it's her credibility.)

He added that even the senators who have been studying the laws for 10 or 15 years have a hard time giving opinions about it. He cited the BBL as an example, saying, "Sa akin, medyo mahirap talaga. Kahit ako, nabasa ko siya, pero naiilang pa rin akong sagutin kasi hinihintay ko ang opinyon ng mga senador na nag-aaral diyan ng dekada."

(For me, it's really difficult. Even me, I've read the BBL, but I'm hesitant to answer because I'm waiting for the opinions of the senators who have studied it for longer.)

“Pero hindi rin natin masisisi si Karen, trabaho niya yun. Trabaho niya na ipaalam sa tao ang kapasidad ng mga tumatakbo. Wala akong sinisisi dun, ang sinasabi ko lang, huwag namang sabihin nila na, ‘Artista lang ‘yan, eh.’ Ako, artista din ako, pero siguro may alam naman ako nang kaunti,” said Joey to Pep.

(But we can't blame Karen, it's her job. It's her job to let people know the capacity of those who are running. I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just saying, people shouldn't say, 'That person is just a celebrity.' Me, I'm a celebrity too, but I do know some things.)

Alma herself has spoken on the matter, saying that she may not be a good speaker, but she's still pushing through with her plans, and that she's still fighting. 

On the other hand, Karen said on Instagram that her previous interviews – like the one with Senator Bongbong Marcos – were just as tough, that she did try to help her by shifting to Filipino, and that interviews where tough questions are asked are part and parcel of the process for those running for higher office. 

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