VIDEO: Ricky Lo interviews Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried

MANILA, Philippines - On January 18, the video of Philippine Star Entertainment columnist Ricky Lo's interview with "Les Miserables" star and Golden Globes Best Actress Anne Hathaway started going viral, with people on social media describing it as "disastrous," "awkward," and "controversial."

Some commented, "Nakakahiya (shameful)," and a few dubbed it, "How not to do an interview."

The interview begins with Lo asking Hathaway: "You lose the (sic) 25 pounds for Fantine. How did you do it and how did you gain it back?"

With a small laugh, Hathaway replied: "I'd rather not talk about the weight loss, please."

It started going downhill from there, picking up a bit when the columnist mentioned Philippine pride Lea Salonga being Hathaway's fan. It went downhill again when Lo asked, "Have you ever experienced to be... poor just like the character?"

Hathaway replied, "That's a very personal question."

Watch the interview here:

The video was said to have been reposted by the YouTube account holder from's official YouTube channel.

It has been reposted in 7 other YouTube channels and has more than 9,500 views collectively.

Another interview by Lo — this time with Amanda Seyfried who plays Cosette — was posted on the YouTube channel on January 13. It can still be viewed in the same channel, while Hathaway's interview did not come up when we searched for it in the channel.

Here it is:

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