Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt jump from DC to Marvel?

MANILA, Philippines - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Blake in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, is reportedly being considered for an upcoming Marvel project, Guardians of the Galaxy, according to Total Film.

Gordon-Levitt is reportedly being considered to play lead Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, "the son of a human mother and alien father and captain of a psychically-controlled spaceship who serves as the audience’s entry-point into the film’s galactic sprawl of weird and wonderful characters."

One Day's Jim Sturgess and Chuck's Zachary Levi are also reportedly being considered for the role.

In November 2012, speculations that Gordon-Levitt will be the new Batman surfaced, when the last scene in TDKR showed his character Blake discovering Bruce Wayne's Bat Cave.

Here's the catch: Batman is under DC and Guardians of the Galaxy, as mentioned, is under Marvel.

But according to Total Film, that Gordon-Levitt will reprise the Batman role is not yet concrete. So, technically, the actor is free to take on a project from Marvel.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is set for worldwide release on August 2014. It will be directed by James Gunn. - Rappler.com