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5 moments in Maureen Wroblewitz's 'Asia's Next Top Model' journey

BEYOND BEAUTY. Maureen Wroblewitz proves that she's more than just a pretty face on 'Asia's Next Top Model.' Screengrab from Instagram/@mauwrob

BEYOND BEAUTY. Maureen Wroblewitz proves that she's more than just a pretty face on 'Asia's Next Top Model.

' Screengrab from Instagram/@mauwrob

MANILA, Philippines – Maureen Wroblewitz proved her critics wrong, as she was declared winner of the 5th season of Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) on Wednesday, June 28.

Filipino-German Maureen fought her way to the final 3, enduring criticism and bullying from some of the contestants, who told her she won the challenges not because of skill, but because she was photogenic. But Maureen hurdled the obstacles, winning the competition and receiving praise from the judges.

As we celebrate Maureen's win – the first AsNTM win for the Philippines – let's look back at some of the highlights of her journey.

1. Maureen impressed Yu Tsai during her photo shoot in episode 8.

In the episode, AsNTM judge Yu Tsai photographed the ladies in black outfits for a dominance-themed shoot. Yu Tsai was impressed by Maureen because she was very focused during the photo shoot.

"No maybes, no what ifs. It's direct and fake it 'til you make it, right?" Yu Tsai said, adding that when he gave her the right push, she was able to deliver.

"I was so impressed by you. Your face came laser focused. At one point, I didn't say anything. I shut up. You have what it takes to be an amazing, amazing model," he said. 

Top 5 This week was certainly a really tough one for me but another week proven that I'm not just a 'pretty face'. Even if I won my second Best Performance this week, I still can't be fully happy. I feel like Tu when she was FCO and Layla had to leave the competition. First Valerie, now my other twin Veronika. Who will I now be telling my stories to? We used to be 3 girls sharing one bed and now I'm left alone. I'm missing the times we would watch movies together or the times we would cook for each other. At least you both are back together again @valerie.twns @veronika.twns  I'll keep aiming for the top and I'll also be doing it for you two. I'm so lucky to have met both of you, my twinsies! Love and miss you both too much  #AsNTM #AsNTM5 #ExpectTheUnexpected #TeamMaureen #TeamPhilippines #PhilippinesOnTop A post shared by Maureen Wroblewitz (@mauwrob) on May 24, 2017 at 7:01am PDT


2. She conquered her fear of heights more than once during the show.

Throughout the season, Maureen shared that like the other contestants, she had a fear of heights – this was tested in a number of photo shoot challenges.

In episode 11, the models were challenged to walk on a hanging bridge. Maureen said she felt nervous: "Walking on the bridge was such a scary feeling, so I'm just trying not to look down and just try to relax."

In episode 12, she was tested again when she had to walk while being anchored down to the Subaru building.

Watch Maureen conquer her fear at around the 12:23 mark in the video below.


3.  The first time she won best photo led to her becoming part of a Maybelline campaign. 

Maureen's first best photo was in episode 5, where she received, as a reward, the chance to be part of a Maybelline campaign. See her photo from the episode below!

First my group wins the Maybelline challenge and then FCO!!! What an amazing week for me!! But what's more amazing is the amount of support I'm getting from you all!  I'm so blessed to have you guys! I hope I continue to make you proud  Before winning Best Performance I actually looked at the 5th frame on the wall and jokingly told Veronika that it's going to be me because 5 is my lucky number. Crazy that my photo actually took in that spot. Hard work pays off, you just have to have faith in yourself! #AsNTM #AsNTM5 #ExpectTheUnexpected #TeamPhilippines #PhilippinesOnTop #TeamMaureen A post shared by Maureen Wroblewitz (@mauwrob) on May 3, 2017 at 6:58am PDT 


4. She won best photo despite being bullied by another model.

Throughout the competition, the judges and the candidates always had something to say about Maureen's looks. In episode 8, Indonesia's Clara Tan irked Maureen's fans when she said Maureen didn't deserve to be in the Top 6 because she just had a "pretty face but no skills."

Shikin Gomez and Minh Tu Nguyen backed Clara up. But in the end, Maureen had the last laugh when she was given the best photo that week.

Watch Clara and Maureen's conversation at around the 6:41 mark below.



5. She won best photo again, despite being one of the shortest among the ladies in the competition.

In episode 11, the ladies were asked to pose as ice queens while skating, and Cindy praised Maureen for looking very tall in the photo.

"You are one of our smaller girls in the competition. When I look at this photo, you look 6 feet tall. You almost look a little evil and I kinda like it," Cindy said. 

It was Maureen's 3rd best photo in the competition.

3rd Best Performance and Top 4?!  I'm so close to the finale, just one more step! • I've learned a lot about myself throughout this competition. But the most important thing I've learned, is that I never give up. I'll keep fighting no matter what and I'll be doing this for all of you  I also wanted to thank you all for the amazing support! You all mean the world to me! So many people have been telling me how proud they are of me and you have no idea how much those words mean to me. I hope I inspire every single one of you to go out there and do what you want to do. Don't ever give up on your dreams because other people make it seem impossible! Anything is possible! You just gotta work hard always and never doubt yourself  #AsNTM #AsNTM5 #TeamPhilippines #TeamMaureen #PhilippinesOnTop A post shared by Maureen Wroblewitz (@mauwrob) on Jun 14, 2017 at 7:00am PDT


What were your favorite moments from Maureen's AsNTM journey? Let us know in the comments below! –