Pinoy 'X-Factor Israel' winner Rose Fostanes may be deported

MANILA, Philippines – X-Factor Israel winner Rose Fostanes may soon be facing possible deportation after recording company Aroma Music withdrew the artist visa petition they originally submitted, reported (READ: Pinay caregiver Rose Fostanes wins 'X Factor Israel'

Rose won the title in Israel in 2014. (READ: Rose Fostanes' 'X Factor' journey)


Rose stopped working as a caregiver to concentrate on her music career after her win. According to the report dated June 3, her current visa expired in May, and Aroma Records, to which Rose is signed, withdrew their request for an artist visa for her. 

"We are hopeful that a solution will be found to obtain an alternative visa that will enable her to make a living from other jobs as well,” said the company. 

The report added that the income from Rose's performances, limited by the company to larger-scale shows over the small ones which might have provided a steadier income, was insufficient to provide for her, given other investments in her career. This includes a trip home to promote her album in the Philippines, released by Star Records. 

Other efforts to promote Rose and her work, including on her single "Walk Away," didn't fare as well as hoped. 

In the same report, Ofer Meiri, who produced and wrote "Walk Away" had this to say about Rose: “Rose has a huge talent and amazing vocal ability, and she’s a nice person...But she doesn’t have the mentality of a singer.”

Despite the situation, Aroma Music said they are doing their best to help Rose stay by making a special request to Interior Minister Shalom Harlow to grant Rose a temporary resident’s visa. 

Rose said racism is not the reason why she isn't doing as well as expected.

"I love the Israelis and I know that they love me. At first I thought I’d encounter discrimination because of my ethnicity, but then I saw how every day people would come up to me in the street and ask where I’d been and why wasn’t I performing more – and that’s also the reason why I want to stay," she said.

"I believe I can grow as an artist from the bottom up. I don’t mind performing in small places, in bars, on television shows, like new artists do.” 

Rose also said she is ready to do whatever it takes to prove herself to the people. 

"I understand the situation that I’m in and the only thing I hope is that the people in the Interior Ministry will understand that I’m a human being just like them, that they’ll understand how important this opportunity is that they can give me.” –