'Marlou is dead': Xander Ford trends worldwide

MANILA, Philippines – Goodbye Marlou, hello Xander!

Social media influencer Marlou Arizala trended worldwide as his new cosmetic surgery-enhanced look was finally unveiled on ABS-CBN's Rated K, on Sunday evening, October 1.

Photos of the social media star quickly went viral and his new name, Xander Ford, was tweeted almost 100,000 times as of writing.

Xander is popular on social media as a former member of Hasht5, a group of young entertainers who tried to defy society's definition of what is handsome with their hilarious song covers and photoshoots, despite being ridiculed online for their appearance. Xander left the group to launch a solo career in February 2016.

Rated K documented the whole cosmetic procedure which included surgically enhancing Xander's nose, chin, eyebrows, eyelashes, teeth, and lips. 

Check out how netizens reacted to his transformation here:

Hello, Xander Ford - Curated tweets by rapplerdotcom

While many expressed shock and amazement over the transformation, some were critical of the way people treated Xander before he had cosmetic surgery. This sparked discussions on bullying and acceptance.

Judgmental - Curated tweets by donkevinhapal 

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