Xian Lim to bullying victims: 'Speak up, we are here for you'

MANILA, Philippines – In the wake of the bullying incident involving Ateneo junior high students, Xian Lim opened up about his own experience of being bullied growing up.

The actor posted photos of himself when he was about 12 and in middle school in the United States. In the rest of the post, he spoke about being verbally and physically abused by other kids.

View this post on Instagram NO TO BULLYING. NO TO HARASSMENT. NO TO “POWER TRIPPING”. Swipe left please. . *sorry for the missing sentence. “Bullies told me that I would get stabbed if I were to snitch on them”. #NoToBullying A post shared by Xian Lim (@xianlimm) on Dec 21, 2018 at 1:23am PST

“I had no friends. I was called a loser for being an introvert and not knowing how to talk to other kids. I was called a FOB [Fresh of the boat, a derogatory term for immigrants in the US] for having a really strong accent,” he said.

“Kids would beat me up and spit on me and made my life hell,” he continued, saying that the bullying made him feel unsafe and not want to go to school. One time, he even cried in front of class.

As Xian shared, the bullying was at a degree that his bullies even threatened to stab him if he told anyone else. When he did find the courage to speak up once, he said he got beat up, kicked in the face, and had a knife pointed to his neck.

He ended up staying quiet, eating his lunch in the bathroom, and keeping his lunch money hidden in his underwear in case he got pocket checked.

“You do not want this to happen to your kids trust me. You do not want this to happen to anyone. It has to stop,” Xian said.

“Huge mistake I made was I kept quiet because I was scared,” he said. He encouraged those being bullied to speak up, saying they are not alone.

“We are here for you. There are others like you who feel scared and defeated,” he said.

He ended by saying: “Life is precious. Life is short. Our time in this world given to us is not enough. Do whatever means necessary to have a happy, balanced life.”

The caption of his post simply read: “NO TO BULLYING. NO TO HARASSMENT. NO TO ‘POWER TRIPPING.’” – Rappler.com