The Power of a Collaborative Community

The Power of a Collaborative Community 

Rappler believes in collaboration and partnerships. Collaboration broadens perspectives, widens coverage, and enables participation from more diverse groups in defining the news agenda.

Rappler believes that stories have the power to move communities into action.  By opening up discussions about stories that matter to different people for different reasons, Rappler gets to see beyond its usual lenses.

Collaboration can also extend to funding, fueling projects and stories that are a shared passion by Rappler journalists and different communities. With financial support from other individuals and groups, it will be more equipped, too, to hear more voices and pursue stories that resonate with communities.

Whether it’s a campaign for a good cause, or a project aimed at helping a sector, or a story that needs to be told, crowdfunding gives people the vehicle to pitch a project, as well as the chance to contribute to its success.

This act of reaching one’s goal through other people’s contributions reinforces our faith in the good, the power of community, and the value of collaboration in a networked world.

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