LOOK: Giant 34-kg pearl, hidden for 10 years, now on display in Palawan

MANILA, Philippines – Could this be the world's biggest pearl?

Locals and tourists in Puerto Princesa City are abuzz about a 34-kilogram pearl that was kept hidden under a bed for 10 years, and was only made public now.

It was discovered by a fisherman a decade ago, according to Aileen Cynthia Amurao of the Puerto Princesa Tourism Office, speaking to the Daily Mail.

The pearl was considered a "lucky charm" by the relative of Amurao – and as such, that relative of hers kept it under the bed for a decade, ABS-CBN reported.

Amurao first posted the image on Facebook on August 20, where she called for gemologists to help analyze the gigantic pearl.

The city government has dubbed it "Perlas ng Puerto (Pearl of Puerto)" on its official Facebook page.

The gigantic, irregularly-shaped pearl, now on display at the Puerto Princesa City Hall, is valued at around $100 million, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

If confirmed as an authentic gem, the pearl will dislodge the 6.4-kilogram Pearl of Lao Tzu as the largest pearl found in the province. It was discovered by a diver in Brooke's Point, Palawan, back in 1939. – Rappler.com