Oops: Kare-kare, lechon, and crispy pata are the real placers in 'Best Dishes In The World' 2019 list

MANILA, Philippines – Kare-kare, lechon, and crispy pata don't just deserve a place on your dinner table – these well-loved national dishes apparently also deserve their spots on Taste Atlas' Top 100 Best Traditional Dishes In The World list of the year. 

The 3 popular meaty dishes loved by both locals and foreigners have made it to Taste Atlas' Top 100 Best Traditional Dishes In The World list, and we can't help but nod in approval.

Taste Atlas, an online food database that promotes the local culinary culture of countries all over the world, contains over 10,000 dishes, drinks, and local ingredients for anyone to check out before a trip, just like how TripAdvisor is for experiences, but for the best specialty dishes and hole-in-the-wall locations.

Funny story: Taste Atlas actually announced that adobo was on the list, but later on clarified that the spots actually belonged to kare-kare, lechon, and crispy pata.

Among this year's Taste Atlas' Top 100 also include Japan's sushi, sashimi, Vietnam's pho, South Korea's bibimbap and bulgogi, Peru's ceviche, Greece's moussaka, India's butter chicken, and many more. – Rappler.com