Do you have the guts to make your idea happen?

If you work in marketing or advertising, you know that making things happen doesn’t just require big ideas. You also need to throw in a healthy dose of adventure.

Anselmo Ramos, the mastermind behind viral campaigns such as Burger King's Burning StoresDove's Real Beauty Sketches, and Heinz's Pass the Heinz stands as testament to the success of a gutsy approach.

The co-founder and chief creative officer of David Miami inspired delegates with his talk on "The Art of Getting ROI by Trusting Your Gut" during the recently concluded Ad Summit Pilipinas 2018, where he shared insights from his stints in agencies such as Y&R Lisbon, Madrid, and Miami, and Lowe New York.

"Have the guts to dream big...Then work to make it happen. If you don’t have to talk to your lawyer, it's not gutsy enough," Ramos quipped.

Being daring in the generally conservative Philippine advertising landscape, however, can be tricky.

While there may be an idea you feel strongly about, there's fear too that your client might feel strongly about it too – in a negative way.

Be gutsy

In a country that relies heavily on the pull of influencers in advertising, plus the ever-popular hugot, we're unsure if there's room for something more out of the box.

But don't allow the status quo to box you in.

Is there a sensitive, politically charged issue which has been bugging you? Are you mulling over a topic you’re scared might not get enough engagement?

Encourage your clients to embrace fresh ideas. As Ramos said, "Without bold clients, we are nothing."

His humorous, tongue-in-cheek, and self-deprecating campaigns prove that embracing gutsy decisions can provide ROI.

Show your guts inside out

Now that you've got your big idea, share it – no matter how unrealistic it may currently seem.

Have the courage to share ideas you believe in. It's the first step toward making them happen.

Own your brainchild and be proud of it. But if clients don’t turn out fully open to it, or want to water it down, stand firm.

Don't compromise the quality of a concept you're passionate about. Remember, "A shitty ad costs the same as an expensive one."

Allocate budget for 80% data, 20% gut

"Nobody knows anything. But your gut has a pretty good idea," said Ramos.

He added that it's important to back your ideas up with research. Beef up your campaign with a killer combo of data and guts.

The future of a plucky campaign may be uncertain, but if you've got your data down, then at least the idea has solid basis. Strengthen your creativity with discipline and hard work.

"Have the guts to be an ad nerd," Ramos told the audience. Do your research and look for inspiration from the greatest ad campaigns out there.  

Trusting your gut

In this industry of creatives, coming up with an idea is easy enough.

It's having the audacity to make it a great one, or being bold enough to make it stand out from a surplus of ideas that simply go with the flow. 

Maybe it’s time to stop adapting. Time to ask yourself, "Are you gutsy enough?" –