Inside the Industry: The Future of Beer and Poblacion with Joe's Brew

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"The success of one is the success of everyone."

With these words, Marco Viray, co-founder of local craft beer brand Joe's Brew, sums up the communal nature of craft brewing and preserving Metro Manila's nightlife capital, Poblacion.

Up until this year, Marco and his business partners ran some of the most successful bars in the area, including NoKal, Kampai, and The Spirits Library. However, with the recent closure of NoKal, Marco has crossed off any ambitions of profitability in 2020, deciding to save on costs for an eventual post-pandemic rebound.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of camaraderie, Joe's Brew will be partnering with fellow beer business Pedro Brewcrafters, and will continue to deliver Filipino-made beverages to homes around Manila.

The success of one is the success of everyone.

Marco Viray, co-founder of Joe's Brew

After months of setbacks, Joe's Brew has nowhere to go but forward.

For this episode of Inside the Industry, Marco shares with us his story, as well as his insights on the future of Philippine nightlife. You can read the full episode transcript below:

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