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Inside the Industry x Kumu: Filipino non-fungible tokens with AJ Dimarucot

Inside the Industry x Kumu: Filipino non-fungible tokens with AJ Dimarucot
Graphic designer AJ Dimarucot invites Filipino artists to dive into non-fungible tokens with First Mint Fund

Graphic designer AJ Dimarucot probably never imagined that he would become a local expert on non-fungible tokens, but then again, hardly anybody seemed to know about NFTs until earlier this year.

Simply put, NFTs are digital assets that, similar to cryptocurrency, use blockchain technology to authenticate ownership.

Since the idea of ownership has been a long-standing issue in the creative space, this innovation was quickly embraced by the digital art communities.

Before, whenever you created something digitally, nobody gave value to that work until you put it on a shirt or a poster. With NFTs, people will now see the value in the actual digital media.

AJ Dimarucot, graphic designer and manager of First Mint Fund

An active leader in these online groups, AJ quickly learned about NFTs and met investor Gabby Dizon to launch First Mint Fund.

Since “minting” NFTs is a notoriously costly process, First Mint Fund seeks to back pioneering Filipino artists in the NFT space. The works are then curated by Narra Gallery in the virtual arts hub known as “the metaverse.”

In this episode, graphic designer AJ Dimarucot explains NFTs and invites Filipino creatives to make their first non-fungible tokens with First Mint Fund.

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