Inside the Industry x Kumu: Taking businesses online with ChatGenie

Online business and e-commerce in the Philippines skyrocketed amid the pandemic as many small businesses set up shop on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Viber. However, with countless apps to keep track of, how can vendors consolidate their online operations?

Enter ChatGenie, an end-to-end solution that aggregates these many services onto one platform. Founded a month before the pandemic hit, the startup was recently included in Forbes Asia's inaugural "100 to Watch" list.

We knew this kind of thing would happen in Southeast Asia, so we got inspiration from WeChat and provided the local context for it to work here in the Philippines.

Ragde Falcis, co-founder of ChatGenie

In this episode, ChatGenie co-founders Ragde Falcis and Nico Nicomedes share how small businesses can simplify their e-commerce experience.

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