Jobstreet salary, bonuses report 2017: Which industries pay highest?

MANILA, Philippines – On Wednesday, February 10, Jobstreet released its annual national job trends, salary, and bonuses report, saying that those in the IT industry are the hightest paid in the Philippines.

This has stayed consistent from 2014 to 2016, said Jobstreet country manager Philip Gioca. Jobstreet's information was gathered from the data provided on their website by an estimated 23,000 employers offering 80,000 jobs a day, and 6 million candidates looking for jobs.

Below are the top 10 industries that pay the highest salaries to each junior executives, supervisors, and managers.

Junior executives (less than 5 years' work experience)

Supervisors (5 to 10 years' work experience)


On job trends, 38% of the 6 million candidates on Jobstreet were in the BPO industry. The 3% were in retail and 2.8% were in manufacturing.

Jobstreet also reported that there has been an increase in the number of provincial jobs and small-medium enterprises (SME) in the Philippines, based on the data on their site.

When asked if it was possible that this was a reflection of an increase in SME and province-based users on the Jobstreet website, Gioca said yes, but added that the number of leads – those who are interested in joining Jobstreet – from the site's 10 key cities have increased as well.

"So it's an indicator that yes, we are just tapping into the database we have as an existing, but if you look at the new businesses generated in that area, there are a lot of numbers increasing as well," he said.


On bonuses, Jobstreet reported gathered data through a survey that was held from November 2016 to February 2017. Their respondents consistof 750 employees and 80 employers.

Jobstreet's survey results say that middle management employees get the most guaranteed bonuses, or bonuses that are agreed on through a contract to be added on top of the 13th month pay.

Meanwhile, staff level employees get the most non-guaranteed bonuses, which are up to the discretion of their employers.

In the country, there are more guaranteed bonuses given in Mindanao, while there are more non-guaranteed bonuses given in Luzon.

Below are the industries that give the most guaranteed bonuses.

Below are the industries that give the most non-guaranteed bonuses.