6 life lessons Kris Aquino learned from her late mom Cory

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Aquino is a fierce single mom, defending them when the haters get harsh, all while working hard to make sure they’re set for life. 

Case in point: when the press caught up with Kris at the contract signing for her newest endorsement deal (she’s the new face of local cosmetics brand Ever Bilena), she told us about what 2018 has in store for her. On her plate are more than 30 endorsement deals, daily posts on her social media accounts, tea with Caroline Kennedy in February, and in August, international red carpet appearances for the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians. In between, she’s set to film a horror flick for iFlix with director Adolf Alix Jr, so she’s asked for a 10 day vacation, just her and her two sons, Bimby and Josh. (READ: A makeup kit by Kris Aquino is in the works!)

It seems like a lot for just one person. But when she told us a few of the life lessons her own fierce single mom, the late former president Cory Aquino, taught her, it started to make sense.

I didn’t want to sleep feeling sad & missing our Mom. So i’m posting 2 pictures- the 1st was when their existence was still black & white because i wasn’t born yet  BUT Mom was really slim & so PRETTY. Swipe left & her life was now full of color because look who’s already in the picture? I love you Mom.  And yes, uunahan ko na kayo, Bimb’s really a #timetraveler- sobrang magkamukha talaga kami. Thanks for praying for his recovery, he’s been obedient & healing well. And thank you for all the comments in the previous post expressing your love for my Mom. Good night from a very grateful daughter & mother. #lovelovelove A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino) on Jan 24, 2018 at 7:01am PST


Avoid debt

Kris says that everything she owns – including her home – was paid for in cash. “That was my mom’s lesson, have no debts,” she said. Because there’s shelf-life for my job. It is really dependent on the goodwill of the people. Pwede kang pagsawaan, pwede ka magkaroon ng isang false move and you’re gone.” (People can get sick of you, you can make one false move and you’re gone)

Everything is temporary

This applies to both the good and bad, said Kris: “Now, when the times are tough, you know madadaanan ‘yan (they will pass). But when the times are good, also savor every minute of it, because it’s not gonna last forever.

HAPPY MOMENTS. Kris Aquino speaks to the press at her contract signing with Ever Bilena. From left to right: Ever Bilena CEO Dioceldo Sy, Kris Aquino, Ever Bilena key accounts manager Denice Sy. Photo by Vernise L. Tantuco/Rappler

HAPPY MOMENTS. Kris Aquino speaks to the press at her contract signing with Ever Bilena. From left to right: Ever Bilena CEO Dioceldo Sy, Kris Aquino, Ever Bilena key accounts manager Denice Sy. Photo by Vernise L.


Children come first

Kris was impressed by Ever Bilena CEO Dioceldo Sy, because he was able to balance his business success with raising his daughter, Denice Sy. “I think, also, you really make time for what matters to you. So you learn what to prioritize,” said Kris.

he knows i’m tired- bimb, my roommate said i’ve been snoring loud the past few nights... Was texting a friend good night and i think we are in agreement, feeling nervous, stressed, or tired because of a full calendar filled w/ work we love is a blessing- care bears na muna sa pagod. For as long as we have our kids to embrace us & make us lambing & people who continue to give their loyalty & love- everything is more than worth it. Her wisdom inspires me- she said there’s room in our work for all to shine- sometimes that room gets smaller, but in our cases- most especially now after rebuilding- amazing because napakalaking space nga pala ang na set aside ni God for us... #gratitude (sorry, pagod na skin ko & malaki na my eyebags- but another contract signing tomorrow- so i’ll end this w/ a THANK YOU GOD for blessing me w/ much more than i even dared pray for. ) A post shared by KRIS AQUINO (@krisaquino) on Jan 11, 2018 at 8:22am PST


Treat your staff well

Kris lives with her two sons at home, along with 14 people, who help out around the house. It’s important, she said, to treat the people who help and support you well, so that they stay loyal: “Give them due respect, because it is a relationship, a relationship that is based on trust.”

Prayers are powerful

This advice came in particularly useful, said Kris, from late 2016 to the second quarter of 2017. During that time, Kris was transitioning between life in showbiz (she did not renew her contract with ABS-CBN after it ended in March 2016) and conquering social media with her now-daily content. 

Choose your battles wisely

Though she was asked for only 5 lessons, Kris added this one, saying that it's "really super important." All she said to explain was, "I think I have also proven that" – and she has, as she tends to stay quiet whenever trolls attack her, but always defends her sons whenever they're being bullied online. – Rappler.com