Pinoys want to work for these top 10 companies – Jobstreet

MANILA, Philippines – What makes a top employer? Career resource site has released this year's Top Companies Report, including the reasons why many who are looking for work today have their sights set on these employers. 

These 10 companies made the list: 

With this survey of top employers comes a further probing into what potential employees are looking for when it comes to interviewing and finding a job.

These 5 factors stood out, according to the survey:

Internal promotion and career growth prospects were jointly the 6th item on this list. 

It comes as no surprise that these factors vary depending on where one is in his career – or that compensation, while critical, isn't necessarily the most popular or the only consideration. 

In fact, benefits and incentives, including "performance-based bonuses, health insurance, retirement pay, and car and housing loans" was listed as the most popular element considered by employees in most work levels, starting from junior executives. (RELATED: Fresh grads: Do employers care about where you went to college?)

But for fresh grads, learning opportunities seem to be top of mind, followed by benefits listed above and salary. (READ: The highest-paying jobs for fresh grads in the Philippines 2015)

Over 4,000 members participated in this survey last March, with respondents from a diverse mix of backgrounds and with varying degrees of work experience, from fresh grads to top management. Over 1,300 companies were identified by the participants when asked which company they would like to work for.

Employees of the top companies were then surveyed and interviewed to find out more about these factors. –

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